mali holds a treasure trove for gold investors - pearl set in gold

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-06
mali holds a treasure trove for gold investors  -  pearl set in gold
FRANKFURT (Reuters)-
For commodity investors, Mali's gold mine is a treasure trove that has not been fully mined.
Listed Pearl Gold said in an interview with Reuters.
"Mali is certainly one of the most promising places for gold mining at the moment," said Robert Goninon . ".
"Other countries, such as Guinea, Côte d'Ivoire, bukinafaso, malytania and Ghana, also offer lucrative gold mining opportunities, but Mali's political stability and legal framework have made it add to it with its neighbors.
Regulations in Mali ensure national and non-national
Nationals can mine deposits under the same conditions
Foreign investors are not always privileged.
Pearl Gold is a holding company listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange at the end of 2010, focusing on the investment of West African exploration and mining companies, especially in the fields of gold and other precious metals.
Its market value is about 0. 23 billion euros.
The group has a 25% stake in the company wassouul's.
A, which operates the Kodieran mine, it thinks contains about 1.
75 million ounces of gold can be recovered. “Our short-
Our goal is to start industrial production.
Mass production of gold in Kodieran, "Goninon said.
Pearl Gold also targets other mines, he said, but declined to name specific mines or companies.
Goninon said that the company's goal is to move forward at the end of the year into the more stringent sector of exchange regulation, that is, general standards, and is weighing the options for capital increase.
"We chose Frankfurt as a trading platform because it is known for its efficiency," he said . ".
If Pearl gold successfully enters the general standard, it will be the first natural resources company in Frankfurt to be included in the index.
The rise in gold prices is unlikely to end, Goninon said.
"Gold has looked like a bubble in the past few times, but it has always been able to consolidate," Robert Goninon told Reuters on Friday . ".
Unlike the Swiss franc, the Swiss franc also attracts investors because the euro will shrink due to the continent's peripheral debt crisis, and gold will not lose value because of resisting inflation, Goninon said.
"Money is printable, and gold is a limited resource, which means it will maintain its value," he added . ".
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