man's best friend to best man - childrens costume jewellery

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-19
man\'s best friend to best man  -  childrens costume jewellery
At the owner's wedding, the dog was given the role of the ceremony, and some pampered pets dressed in costumes matching the bride and groom.
The dogs, dressed in tuxedo and bow tie, in a silk dress with clothing and jewelry, and in a custom flower collar, perform their duties.
The priests of the British church were given the power to include dogs in the wedding ceremony.
A spokesman said: "Although dogs are not suitable for replacement (the)
The father of the bride, there is no reasonable reason to object to its role as the holder of the ring.
The 36-year-old Creole Roberts and the 40-year-old David Daji entrusted the character to their western highland terrier at their wedding.
The couple will wear a white bow tie to dress up their dog for their ceremony in East London.
In August, when Katrina and Martin Thompson got married at Barnes Pett parish church in Devon, their Labrador --
Colley cross Shannon is the ringleader.
The dog and groomsmen sat in front of the church, wearing a ring on a ribbon on the cushion around their neck.
Retailers are making money in this way.
PetLondon is a company that specializes in providing clothing for dogs, selling tuxedo, bridesmaid dresses and Velcro bow ties.
The company sold 700 dog dresses last year and expects sales to grow to 1000 next year.
About 20 pounds in a dog tuxedo ($50)
A white shirt with a black coat, bow tie and top hat is included.
For the bitch, the price of a silk and lace bridesmaid dress is about 100 pounds.
Melody Lewis, founder of the store, said she sold 300 pounds in the past six months.
Lewis says her customers treat their pets as if they were family members.
"They thought, 'How can we exclude him from such an important event in our lives? "' she said.
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