man sentenced to six years forxa0role in victoria jewelry store heist - the jewelry store

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man sentenced to six years forxa0role in victoria jewelry store heist  -  the jewelry store
Michael Jacob Werner was sentenced to six years in prison for robbing a jewelry store on Ford Street in last April.
The 27-year-old Werner admitted to robbing Paul Mara Jewelers on the morning of April 26, 2012 and using imitation guns during the robbery. On Friday, B. C.
Supreme Court Judge Malcolm McCauley sentenced Werner to five years in prison for robbery
The person who used the original shotgun was sentenced for one year in a row.
Macaulay believes that Werner has been detained for 324 days. Werner’s co-
The defendant, Dominique Oyango Wandolo, was sentenced to four years.
Macaulay pointed out that Wandolo had a smaller role and had not been convicted of robbery before. “Small-
Business owners involved in the sale of items such as watches and rings are particularly vulnerable to robbery, "McCauley said.
"The jewelry store is an attractive robbery target because of the value of the goods it carries.
A severe sentence may therefore be required.
Prosecutor Carmen Rogers told the court that Werner was swarmed into shops on forts and wide streets at about 10: 30. m.
He opened the door for wangdolo.
Werner threatened the owners of Douglas and Martha Mara with a pistol.
He ordered them to go to the ground with an employee.
Then Werner broke the display cabinet with a baton.
Wandolo followed him and took over $300,000 worth of jewelry and watches and put them in a bag.
Douglas Mara, who served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 17 years, stood up and physically checked a display case in Werner.
Marla was hung up at Warner Wandolo. sprayed him.
Werner and wandoro ran out of the store.
Within an hour, the police knocked at the Regent Hotel in Bedford, government Street.
The two escaped from the window.
Werner was found hiding on the roof.
He was arrested and pressed down the street by a bucket of a fire truck.
Macaulay said the robbery was terrible and mentally devastating for the Maras.
Both lost their trust in the people and were afraid of another violent robbery.
Macaulay found that the vulnerability, threats, plans, violence and the high value of jewelry and watches in the store were aggravating circumstances in this case.
A major aggravating feature, the judge said, was Werner's previous conviction for robbery.
On April 2010, Werner received the equivalent of 5-
He was sentenced to one year in prison for breaking in and four robberies.
Werner also robbed a sporting goods store with what seemed to be AK-
Stole 12 pistols.
It is also serious that Werner was suspended for the robbery in Victoria.
Rogers asked the judge to consider the growth process of Werner and his Aboriginal tradition.
Werner witnessed crime, drug abuse and domestic violence as a child.
He was placed in a foster home where he has been physically, emotionally and sexually abused since the age of 12.
His father introduced him to cocaine when he was 14.
"Obviously, he didn't have a lot of opportunities," Rogers said . ".
McCauley believes that Werner's relatively young, guilty plea and his unfavorable background are factors that can mitigate the punishment.
Macaulay ordered Werner to provide samples of his DNA and ban weapons for life.
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