marie-antoinette jewels soar at 'once in a lifetime' sale -sotheby's - necklace with earrings

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marie-antoinette jewels soar at \'once in a lifetime\' sale -sotheby\'s  -  necklace with earrings
GENEVA (Reuters)-
Royal treasures including the jewels of Queen Mary of France
Antoinette scored 53 points.
5 million Swiss francs (£41 million)
Sotheby's said collectors snapped up precious historical gems for fresh listings on Wednesday.
Over 200, 10 royal jewelry belonging to the sick in European private collection
Mary Antoinette was handed over to the Royal Italian Bourbon Parma family for a place in all the 100 lots where new owners were found.
"The source of Mary Antoinette may be second to none.
This is a record of royal jewellery sales, "David Bennett, chairman of Sotheby's international jewelry division, who presided over the Geneva auction, told reporters.
In its historic two years, the total amount exceeded $50 million.
The Duchess of Windsor Jewelry day auction was held in the Swiss city on 1987.
Bennett said bidders in 43 countries participated in the sale of Bourbon Parma.
"It's amazing when you think that these jewels, most of them, have not appeared in public for more than 200 years.
So this is a real moment in a lifetime for collectors, "he said.
Andres White correyal, Sotheby's jewelry expert, said: "I think we said at this sales news conference that it will be sales this century.
I think the result tonight proves the truth.
"The collection has a total of pre-
Sales estimate of $4.
5 million, but due to the origin of history, in the sales room and online, bidding by telephone soared to many times.
The number one is 18.
Century natural pearl and oval diamond pendant with bow pattern
Antoinette will suspend three games.
Pearl necklace.
The pendant soared to 36.
4 million Swiss francs
Sotheby's called it the world record for a pearl.
After 10 minutes of Seesaw Bidding.
The necklace with a diamond buckle is nearly 2.
9 million, also attracted applause.
The Austrian Grand Duke Lady Mary Antoinette, married to the future King Louis XVI, secretly sent the jewels packed in wooden boxes abroad to her sister, as they planned to flee Paris.
But the royal couple were arrested in 1792, when the French Revolution overturned the monarchy and was executed by the guillotine in the second year.
Their only surviving daughter, Mary.
Therese then retrieved the jewels that had passed through the Duke of Parma line in Vienna.
The series was sold by descendants of the Duke of Parma Eli de Bourbon, his wife Mary Anne de Habsburg-
Sotheby's said Lorraine.
The company declined to give the names of the heirs of the couple's eight children, all of whom had died.
A letter ring with Mary
It is estimated that Antoinette's initials MA and her lock knit hair cost $8.
10,000, but the bid soared to 447,000 francs.
"Prices are really soaring, and some goods are selling 25 times higher than before.
Said Daniela massiti of Sotheby's. The top lot -
Pearl diamond pendant-
Sold over the phone to a private collector who asked for anonymity.
The 10 lots add up to $42.
7 million, said Sotheby's.
On Tuesday, a nearly 19 karat diamond "pink legacy" set a record of 50 diamonds at rival Christie's.
0. 375 billion Swiss francs
It was purchased by the United States. S. -
Harry Winston, a luxury jeweler based in Swatch.
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