marie antoinette's jewels to lead auction of rare royal family collection - ring and necklace set

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marie antoinette\'s jewels to lead auction of rare royal family collection  -  ring and necklace set
When it comes to the 18th-century royalty, the most real sign is that someone is at the top of the pyramid, not necessarily the number of diamonds and gems they have, but the number of pearls.
Before Mikimoto created the breeding pearl industry at the beginning of the 20 th century, the only available Pearl types were natural pearls, which are very rare due to difficulties, and inefficient and dangerous to harvest these gems.
Natural pearls are hand-collected oysters or mussels by Pearl hunters from the bottom of the sea, lake or river.
Oysters are brought to the surface of the water, open and look for pearls.
It's a dangerous, difficult and wasteful task.
There could be thousands.
The shell must be opened in order to find a pearl.
For more valuable natural salt water pearls, free divers often descend to the depths of the ocean above 100 feet in one breath, putting them at risk of drowning, shallow water power outages and predators.
"There were only natural pearls at the time, and there was no such thing as breeding pearls, and they were always the absolute ultimate sign of wealth and privilege.
At that time, they were certainly more valuable than diamonds.
Although diamonds are considered beautiful and important, they are not as respected as natural pearls, "said Frank Everett, senior vice president of Sotheby's jewelry.
This led us to find a pearl, the top location for Sotheby's to sell the Bourbon Palma family "royal jewelry" in Geneva in November 14.
Baroque drops of natural salt water pearls about 15. 90 x 18. 35 x 25. 85mm.
It is set to a pendant with Oval Diamonds, supporting a diamond bow pattern.
The pearl and diamond bow pattern was originally from a three
The single stone oval diamond chain pearl necklace goes beyond the buckle that forms the same necklace.
Most importantly, the Pearl belongs to Mary Antoinette (1755-1793).
Estimated at $1 million. $2 million.
It is indeed a big price, but it is expected that the sale of such rare jewelry will be higher, because the estimate is based on the intrinsic value of the Pearl, not its special royal source.
This is one of 10 jewels belonging to the last Queen of 100 France.
Lots of royal jewelry from Bourbon
The Palma family is one of the most connected royal families in Europe.
The items for sale include: natural pearl and diamond pendant earrings in the late 18 th century.
Each earring comes with a button-shaped natural salt water Pearl.
The back is set with rose diamonds and a removable pendant set with an oval natural pearl with rose diamonds and a Colette-set cushion-
Diamonds formed in the early 19 th century.
Estimated $203,000. $304,000. * A three-
Chain pearl necklace consisting of a slightly graduated natural pearl starting from about 7. 30 to 9.
30mm star pattern with buckle setting and pad highlighting-
Diamond and Rose Diamond
A total of 116 pearls are natural, salt water, and 3 are natural, fresh water.
The pearls were originally strung on a longer three-row pearl necklace by Queen Mary Antoinette.
Estimated $203,000. $304,000.
* Brooch with double ribbon bow design with cushion-
Shape and circle
Cut Diamond, in the second half of the 18 th century, supports a removable pendant set with pears
Diamonds, described as having a "yellow" shape, are believed to have come from the early nineteenth century.
Estimated $50,000. $81,000.
* A ring with Mary Antoinette's hair and her "MA" initials in the Rose diamond letter combination.
Estimated $8,100. $10,100.
* A ring depicting Mary Antoinette in a round framecut diamonds.
Estimated $8,100. $12,100.
According to documents obtained by the auction house, it was arrested on 1792 by the guillotine, and a year later, before Mary Antoinette and her husband, French King Louis XVI, were executed, it took the Queen one night to wrap her jewels in cotton and put them in a wooden box and send them to Brussels, followed by Austria, the Queen's birthplace.
The King and Queen's only surviving child, Mary.
France (France)1778-1851)
After three years in solitary confinement, she was released from prison on 1795 and moved to Austria, where he was given jewelry from his mother.
Without her own children, she entrusted a part of her jewelry collection to her niece and daughter-raising Louise, France (1819–1864)
Duchess of Palma and Grand
The daughter of Charles X, King of France (1757-1836)
She left them to her son, Robert I (1848-1907)
The last Duke of ParmaThe Bourbon-
The Palma family is related to Europe's most important ruling family.
From Bourbons to haberggs. The 100-
The auction will span centuries of European history, from the reign of French King Louis XVI to the decline of Australia
Hungarian Empire.
Sotheby's said it was the first time the jewelry had been publicly displayed since 200.
Sotheby's called the auction "one of the most important royal jewellery collections of all time ".
The jewelry on sale includes the military emblem;
Tiaras and traditional jewelry decorated with pearls, diamonds and colored gems-
All Royal.
Highlights include: * diamond headwear by Vienna jeweler Hübner, approximately 1912, decorated with fleur de lys pattern, millegrain-
Suit with cushion-, pear-
Round, single-
Diamond and Rose Diamond
The three largest patterns are removable and can be worn as a brooch, plus five brooch accessories.
The diamond on the crown was originally set on the plaque of the Knights of the Holy Knights.
The spirit of Charles X, King of France (1757-1836)
Also part of the auction.
Estimated $355,000. $558,000.
* Sapphire, ruby and diamond neck badges for approximately 1825 gold wool orders.
Ribs and brackets with five cushions-
The diamond supports three removable pieces.
The first is a laurel wreath with a cushion.
A diamond of the shape, consisting of diamonds of the same cut;
The second represents an 8-centered fl stone. 90-carat cushion-
Round sapphire and dottedcut rubies;
The third is the gold wool badge with a cushion inside. Diamond in shape
Estimated $304,000. $406,000.
* A diamond cake made up of a rivière necklace with a row of slightly graded cushions-
Shape Diamond in Collet settings, support removable pendant set with pearshaped stones;
Brooch set with cushion
Diamond in shape, supports three removable pendants
The shape of the diamond can be worn as a buckle for the diamond rivière;
And a pair of earrings, each with a cushion. shaped diamond.
The diamond is from Charles Ferdinand Atos, derberry (1778-1820)
Son of King Charles.
Estimated $304,000. $508,000.
Like Mary Antoinette's jewelry, these estimates are based on intrinsic value, not the source, so they may just be a starting point.
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