marie antoinette's pearl necklace fails to sell - necklace and bracelet set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-13
marie antoinette\'s pearl necklace fails to sell  -  necklace and bracelet set
LONDON (Reuters Life! )-
A group of pearls, once belonging to Mary Antoinette, was brought to the UK for safekeeping by a friend, but no buyer was found at Wednesday's auction.
Now part of the French diamond Ruby Pearl Necklace
The doomed Queen gave a bag of pearls and diamonds to the British ambassador's wife, Mrs. Sutherland, who fled revolutionary France in 1792 a year before her death.
According to Christie's officials, Mary Antoinette was a luxury legend who did not know her fate at the time and hoped to reunite with her baby one day.
Christie said Sutherland arranged clothes and linen for her while the Queen was in prison.
"It is reported that this is the last goodwill gesture to show the doomed queen," the auctioneer said in a statement . ".
Mary Antoinette was executed by the guillotine on October 1793.
The diamonds were made into necklaces, while the pearls were worn when Sutherland's grandson got married in 1849.
Christie's does not specify which offspring of Sutherland is selling the necklace, which is expected to receive £ 350
400,000 pounds ($716,000-818,000).
The necklace can't be sold.
The climax of the London jewellery auction is over, where the top section, a pear
The shape of a diamond weighing more than 17 karat as a pendant is worth 1 million ($2. 05 million)
Including the buyer's premium
Overall, sales increased by 9.
3 million ($19. 1 million).
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