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meet the trumps: america\'s new first family  -  the jewelry store
This is a breakdown of the closest U. S. President to the 45 th: Donald Trump's third wife was the first foreigner
Two-Century-old first lady of the United States: Luisa Adams of England was the last in 1825 --1829.
As a former model who speaks five languages, Melania has only made a brief public appearance, but has been standing by her man, denying that he boasted after getting married for a few months that he was groping
It is unusual that she did not move directly into the White House, at least living in New York before the couple was 10 years oldyear-
Son Barron finished the school year.
It is not clear what role she will play in the public, though she promises to be the "traditional" first lady like Jackie Kennedy, and says she wants to advocate against cyberbullying and help poor women.
She was attacked for copying Michelle Obama in a speech in last July, and her support rating was low compared to the sky.
The outgoing first lady is very popular.
In the past, nude models have also attracted attention, and American media have questioned whether she worked illegally after her first visit to the United States.
At the American Music Awards, she was ridiculed for her heavy accent.
She was born in Yugoslavia at the time, and before becoming an American citizen in 2006, she worked as a model in Paris and Milan and married Trump a year later. Trump's 35-year-
Daughter Ivanka will travel to Washington, which shows that the United States can expect an outstanding first daughter: a businesswoman, a motherof-
The three favorite children of the incoming president.
There is no official role yet, but with husband Jared heading to the White House as a special adviser, the couple switched Park Avenue to the trendy Kalorama district of the capital, it is hoped that she will undertake the reception work and the work of the first lady.
She was a key agent among women during the campaign and called for affordable childcare and equal pay ---
Support the traditional Democratic cause.
She was her father's pipeline, especially across the aisle, but she was attacked for attending meetings with the Japanese prime minister and for concerns about conflicts of interest since the election.
Lawyers say she will step down as vice president of Trump's organization and no longer run the fashion company of the same name directly, but instead focus on placing young children in Washington. Very nice. very beautiful.
Dressed in gorgeous clothes, she posted beautiful photos of her family to 2.
1 million Instagram fans, maintain a well-planned public image.
With a degree in finance from Wharton, she is considered charming and smart and has been half of the New York electric couple for years.
Even Chelsea Clinton is a friend.
Ivanka's husband, 36year-old baby-
In the face of real estate developers and magazine publishers, he has become one of the most powerful figures in the government, playing the leading role in his father --in-
The White House of law.
He is the grandson of the Jewish Orthodox church of Holocaust survivors and is considered a calming influence on Trump.
Despite concerns about nepotism, his lawyer said he would "strip a lot of assets" to comply with federal guidelines.
Is believed to be the brain behind Trump's election, more
In 2009, a millionaire from a Democratic New Jersey family married Ivanka.
Kushner, who is cautiously and firmly loyal, said that after seeing a wave of Trump's support, he experienced a political transformation to defend him against alleged racism and-Semitism.
After his father was jailed for tax evasion, witness tampering and illegal campaign donations, he moved his family's real estate business to Manhattan.
Trump's two eldest sons officially stayed in New York to run the Trump organization in the absence of his father.
Technically, they should not discuss business with their father, but he refused to be completely stripped out of this large group, which was attacked by the ethics watchdog. Don Jr.
The 39-year-old described his father as his best friend, just like his sister who studied at Wharton.
His speech at the Republican National Convention sparked speculation that the father of five children might one day seek his political career.
Eric, 33, had to stop raising money for his charity foundation for fear of misconduct and conflict of interest.
After the two brothers took photos with the dead animals during their trip to Zimbabwe, they were controversial as hunters.
Their wives Vanessa and Laura were also involved in the campaign, especially Laura, who spent a lot of time in her hometown of North Carolina.
Tiffany, 23, is the daughter of Trump's second marriage, reportedly named after Tiffany.
Jewelry store next door to Trump Tower.
In 2011, she graduated from Penn and released "bird-like" music tracks, listening to nearly 1 million people on YouTube.
She grew up in California as a model for Harvard Law School and is reportedly studying.
Barron, the youngest child, lives at home and goes to school in New York.
Trump is the first two times in the United States.
President of divorce
Trump started a relationship with 53-year-old actress Marla Maples, but she is still married.
They got married in 1993 and divorced six years later.
Maple moved to California.
His Czech, ivanah.
Her first wife, a former model, skier and businesswoman, allocated time between New York and Europe. The 67-year-
Old is known for coming up with Trump's nickname "Donald.
They divorced in a tabloid scandal in 1992.
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