metal remix: recycled silver, gold get a new life at jewelry brands big and small - ring and bracelet set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-26
metal remix: recycled silver, gold get a new life at jewelry brands big and small  -  ring and bracelet set
Using recycled precious metals in jewelry is not a new idea.
In fact, brands and artisans have been integrating old metals such as silver and gold into their collections for generations.
"From the beginning of this process, jewelers have been recycling metals," said scharisse Ford, chief marketing officer of Pandora's Americas.
Non-precious metals
After all, renewable natural resources, so the practice of reusing these materials is not only sustainable
That makes sense.
Ford says recycling and reuse of metals
Even gems
Has long been a source of inspiration for jewelry giants (
Pandora's works are sold in more than 90 countries on six continents)
Because it produces more than 0. 122 billion pieces of jewelry every year.
"If any, it makes us more committed to social responsibility and ethical sourcing," Ford explains the scope of its products.
In fact, Ford said Pandora used more silver in Thailand's "production facilities" and more than 80 gold from recycling sources;
Extra material-
Rough particles of metal
From the "responsible" refinery.
But it's not about to stop there.
"Recently, Pandora commissioned Trucost, a sustainable development consultancy, to conduct an independent environmental study that shows that when recycled gold and silver are used instead of mined alternatives, the impact on nature may be said.
"For cubic zirconium or people-
Compared with the diamonds mined, the environmental benefits of man-made diamonds are greater.
"But what some consumers may not know is that in order to improve durability and appearance, a new part of metal additives is needed for recycled precious metals.
"It's about once a month for the new boss," saysDane Stevens shared.
The owner of the Knight jewelry store in Gaines town
"You can't melt gold and process it because of what happens to silver, copper and zinc --
Called alloy
They will give you a very low price. end casting.
Stevens says recycling old gold is a great way for customers to maintain jewelry sentiment --
Even if they hate the design
"For example, someone brought their mom's old ring and they said, I don't like it.
"Mom, no offense, but I hate it," he said with a smile . ".
"They can pay in gold, in gold as currency, and we can give them a scrap price.
Stevens says trade
Gold is sometimes worth less than people think.
Basically, it's notfor-one.
"Some customers came in with a pile of old gold and thought it was the same as buying new gold, just as easy as doing a flat hand deal," he said . ".
"However, after taking into account the smaller production of pure gold after refining, it is usually about half of that pile, plus the reconstructed labor force, new stone designs and settings were added to the top of the ring.
"But no matter how people decide to recycle old items, they can rest assured that precious metals will be used again these days.
Stevens said it was a victory.
Win for jewelry dealers and customers.
"People are happy to leave with shiny new things," he said . ".
At the end of each month, the Cavaliers took the gold they received to a refinery called Technic Inc.
Melted in Surrey or Richmond.
Then, using the pure gold "cast particles" returned after the refining process, the team cast the new parts-
Houses using a mixture of gold and other alloys, including silver, copper and zinc.
"This makes it Wearable Metal," Stevens explained . ".
So, why don't small jewelry stores extract their precious metals?
This is not a sustainable approach, according to Stevens.
"We don't do refining here because you have to use a lot of acid and it's not a very healthy thing," he said . ".
"If you do very little --
Bulk refining, this may not be the best thing for anyone.
Essentially, the cost of refining precious metals --
Plus the chemicals involved
For businesses and customers, this process may not be entirely feasible financially or in the environment.
Founder and owner of Montreal, joelle Latreille-
Since 2009, the jewelry brand Le Cubicule has been working on the recycling of metals, including silver, gold, palladium and platinum.
"The environment has always been important to me and I am trying to stay as green as possible in personal and professional life," she said . ".
"When I learned about recycling metal, I knew it was something I had to deal.
Latreille said that while the cost of using recycled metals may be higher, it is worth it in the long run.
"The difference is the process of obtaining metal, in the case of recycling metal, the metal consists of existing metal from different sources --
Old jewelry, silverware, coins, dental scrap, etc. —
Then, the metal is melted and refined compared to the newly mined metal, "she said.
Shoppers looking for a replacement for recycled gold coins can choose a fair deal
Trade Gold, a new gold that is morally mined. Vancouver-
Kevin Hume is just an example of a Canadian designer who only creates custom jewelry from materials from fair trade and ethical sources. (
For those curious about the state of mining new materials in Canada, the Canadian Mining Association launched an initiative called sustainable mining, according to the association's website, 2004, the association aims to allow Canadian mining companies to meet "the needs of society for minerals, metals and energy products" in the most socially, economically and socially responsible manner ".
All MAC members must participate in the program. )
Pandora hopes to raise ecological awareness
Conscious practice in larger scale jewelry design and production
The scale of the market is called Pandora with its latest movement.
Ford said this is both a response to the conscience of the company and a direct response to consumer demand.
She explained: "Now, consumers are more supportive than ever of brands that share important value with them, and like many of our consumers, we believe in upholding the ideals of social and environmental responsibility.
"DO is inspired by women's empowerment and panda's renewed commitment to represent what every woman can wear proudly.
As a brand, DO is also an opportunity to tell the world what we DO and what we believe
Responsible for organizing high-quality jewelry for the society.
"At the end of the day, it's about creating the company's products --
And its employees
In addition to the clothes that shoppers want to wear, they can also be proud.
She hopes more big brands will join in the future.
"Today's consumers are the most educated we 've ever seen, and they 've begun to expect that sustainability doesn't need to come at the cost of quality, whether it's buying groceries or luxury goods," Ford said.
"When you see beautiful recycled metal in our products and imagine how many recycling options are available around the world, it seems crazy for more brands not to use recycled materials.
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