'modern' face of gloria: sofia vergara on her 'hot temper,' cancer diagnosis and having more kids - big jewelry

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-14
\'modern\' face of gloria: sofia vergara on her \'hot temper,\' cancer diagnosis and having more kids  -  big jewelry
Actress Sophia Vigara plays the sexy Gloria Delgado
Prichett in ABC's popular comedy "Modern Family"-
A character based on her.
Her role on TV has striking similarities to the real life she leads, and it's almost shocking and interesting to watch ---
Both of them are lively Colombian women with a heavy accent and divorce, with a son of a former marriage.
"Every time I get the script. . .
I think, 'so, how do I play?
Vergara said in an interview with Cynthia McFadyen, the night line anchor.
"I always think of me ---
About my mother and aunt, I think this is how I play [Gloria]
Because I tried to play her like a real Latin woman. . . .
So I think it does have a lot of myself.
Not to mention Vergara. -and Gloria --
It is a woman who is loud, funny, very sexy and can turn a few heads.
"You know, I always feel like I have extra boobs and extra ass than normal women look," she said . ".
"You know, I 've been doing --
I like big jewelry, so I think so.
Vergara again admits that, like her character, she has a "grumpy temper" that would "scare" men if they hadn't known her yet.
"I can turn and scream and get angry, but I forget when I turn," she said . ".
"So, like, I was angry or angry for a second, and then I forgot.
Once they know me, they say, 'Oh, she's fine.
However, Vergara is more than just the sexy Latin mom she plays on TV.
She is a cover girl and a successful businesswoman at her own production company.
She has developed a new collection of women's and accessories for Kmart designed to make it affordable for women and fit into the curve.
As Vergara said, she "brought the sexy back to Kmart.
"Who now has the money to spend thousands of dollars on a suit ? "
"No one," she said.
However, women still want to look cute, beautiful and sexy.
I always believe that you can buy something you don't like if you have taste-a crazy price.
"While Vergara is a breakthrough star, 39-year-
The old actor did not succeed overnight.
She has been working hard for the past 22 years.
She is a natural blonde girl who grew up in Colombia and, as a little girl, plays with Barbie and hopes to have the same figure one day.
It may be hard to believe now, but Vergara says her childhood nickname is "palillo"-
Spanish for "toothpick.
"In my culture, a thin girl doesn't happen anything," she said with a smile . ".
"So I was so scared, always worried that I would never ---
You know, fill all the beautiful clothes my mother has. . .
I don't even wear skirts or anything because I feel too thin.
"But Vergara doesn't have to worry too much about her looks.
When she was with her family, the model inspector spotted her on the beach and quickly put her in a Pepsi ad, which was the beginning of her career.
More than two decades later, Vergara is still the face of Pepsi.
Photo: Sofia Vigara's family has been the first in the past year.
She got married at the age of 18, and the second child, Manolo, was her only child.
Vergara says her son is the reason why she was banned.
"I 've always been more concerned about being a good mom and trying to make money than just being famous and crazy," she said . ".
So, is she the same as the mother she plays on TV?
"I try to learn from [Gloria]
In fact, because she's passionate, and-I think--
"The most important thing for her is to see her family happy," Vergara said . ".
"I want me to be more like her.
"Despite her cheerful personality, Vergara has experienced many tragedies in her life ---
Her brother, who was murdered in Colombia, has also struggled with drug addiction.
Her response is to remain optimistic.
"When you are as responsible as a child or family, you cannot give yourself the luxury of going ---
"The mood is low," Vergara said . ".
"So I think it's more of an unconscious thing, you know, to keep--
Let's continue, let's continue.
"While she is now in the habit of smiling frequently, Vergara went through a particularly difficult period in 2000 when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 28.
"I was very young.
When they tell you the word, it's like, "What are you talking about ? "'" she said.
"You always think, 'Death. ' You don't --
That's what you think when they tell you this. So it was --
It's scary.
Vergara continued, "I never felt sick. . . .
You want to be treated when you feel uncomfortable.
When you're perfect, you decide to go through all this, you know ---
Surgery and treatment is a nightmare because you feel healthy.
Since the divorce of her first husband, Vergara has been linked to some Hollywood stars. -
She has been dating Tom Cruise, Mark Walberg and Enrique igsias.
But these days she's dating a man outside of Hollywood's charm. -36-year-
Rich businessman Nick Leeb from Florida
Despite being 40 years old this year, Vergara suggests that having a child with Loeb is not entirely inappropriate.
"If I were with him, he would be young. . .
"He has never had a child, so I'm sure he will put pressure on me," she said . ". "But --
I can't do it now.
I mean, I'm doing it. -
You know, in the middle of the "Modern Family", that's my priority.
I don't think anyone would like to see Gloria pregnant.
"Obviously the comedian didn't take herself too seriously, but the role she played --and off-
The screen has an impact.
"I think all women should be more like Gloria," she said with a smile . ".
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