mother's day gifts for the busy jet setter - fancy necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-03
mother\'s day gifts for the busy jet setter  -  fancy necklace set
Travel seems like a luxury for most people, but for busy moms it's not like relaxing ---
Even if no children are dragging.
This Mother's Day, for you forever-on-the-
Going on a vacation or work trip to mom makes her life easier.
"What you need to do is to minimize stress in any case," said Nancy Trent, founder and president of Trent, New York.
Headquartered in marketing communications.
"Why would you add something to what you take back and forth that will only put pressure on you.
But also the trend of healthy lifestyle Trent
Discover blogs and speakers and tell Fox News travelers about the seven must-
Prepare products for traveling mothers.
"The best thing you can do for your mom is to get her into a new healthy habit," Trent said . ".
"A small habit.
So if I can get my mom to think about healing gems to calm her down or use quality Pillowcases instead of things that are not very good for her hair or skin --
This is the best thing you can do.
"Since Mother's Day is coming in May 13, there is no better time to crack than it is now.
But there's no pressure here.
Wallaroo UPF Scrunchie HatFor mother is going to a place where she will spend her time in the sun and Wallaroo's UPF Scrunchie Hat will shade her and save her
"Once you get into varalu, that's it," Trent said . ".
"I love my Wallaroo.
You can roll it up.
I put things in when I packed them. . .
Just pull it out and it's fresh.
Some people are sensitive to some sunscreen.
If you wear a strong sunscreen, you don't have to worry about wearing it.
Wallaroo said that the UV protection factor of the anti-wrinkle hat is 50, which will prevent 97.
5% of the sun's ultraviolet rays.
Whether the busy mom is swimming in the pool with the kids or relaxing on the beach with a book, Trent says this stylish hat is stylish and easy to pack, it doesn't look like it was crushed in the suitcase.
The hat is $38 and can be bought on www. wallaroohats. com.
For traveling moms with kids, the polar is equipped with portable power chairs and it is always better when an item can achieve two purposes.
The polar equipped Portable Booster seat can make it easy for you to go out for dinner with your children, and when you take it through the airport, it can also serve as a bag, Trent said.
"This is a brand new
"Mom tipped me and kept it together," Trent said . ". “This bring-you-own-
The power chair makes dining at a restaurant with babies easy so you can show up on the table in fashion.
"It's not just moms who are happy with this product.
Since it doesn't look like a high chair, the baby likes it too, Trent says.
"It makes the baby feel like sitting in a chair like everyone else," Trent said . ".
"Very convenient.
This is not a big, bulky thing.
The booster is $39.
99, available at www. aparentcompany. com.
Branci silk Shami pillow case Trent says you can use branci's silk Shami pillow case to make the bed feel at home in almost any hotel.
The pillowcase is made of 18 am amino acid and has a high copper content and is great for mom's skin and hair, she said.
"The threads are much thinner than typical, so it's a real benefit," Trent said . ".
"You can remove those knives that have an impact on your skin.
Another benefit of bringing your own pillowcase, she says, is that you don't have to worry about whether the hotel or airline uses a powerful detergent that might stimulate sensitive skin.
The pillowcase is $84.
00, available at www.
Blanche Boty sleepcom.
GGO wrapped dress made of 88% bamboo, GGO wrapped dress defensemicrobial -
This means it does not need to be cleaned or ironed frequently.
Almost any body type of packaging style is free, says Trent.
"It's very versatile and very chic," Trent said . ".
"This material will not wrinkle, so mom doesn't have to worry about ironing in the hotel room, and don't have to worry about the style of debate and
She has both.
"Whether you dress it up with fancy necklaces for dinner at night or with casual flats during the day, Trent says that organic clothing is a must for any holiday.
The $135 GGO Wrap skirt is available at www. ggoclothing. com.
Harvey's original seat belt bag-favorite thing tote bag "comes with a lifetime guarantee and my favorite thing tote bag will not only be X-unique with its bright and-
But the durability and indestructible nature of the belt material is so strong, "Trent said.
"This will be the last bag you have to buy.
"The favorite handbag is made with a real seat belt, so don't worry about the trip mom being rough about the bag.
Trent says it can withstand almost anything, and its stylish design makes it easy to pass security checks.
"They are perfect because they are stylish, cool, and fun," Trent said . ".
"So whether you're a fashionista or a green goddess --
It's right for you because it's the real ecologyfashion.
This bag is $154.
00, available at www. seatbeltbags. com/.
Tara Walker's dream
The revival dream SerumTraveling can be anything but calm --
Female skin in particular.
Trent encourages mothers to take advantage of Tara Walker's dream
Revitalizing the Dream Serum as a way to heal the skin when leaving home.
"Let's face it when you travel, it's very hard for your skin," Trent said . ". “This all-
Natural beauty potions have the essence of the flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds and stems of plants, as well as the best marine ingredients from each continent, helping your skin to look flawless.
"Revitalization serum is $99, available at www.
Tarakwoks dream. com.
The Energy Muse Lotus bracelet is simple and beautiful, and the Energy Muse Lotus Bracelet will not only bring fashion to the mother on the road.
Trent says jewelry can calm her down during the inevitable delays or inconveniences of her trip.
"Crystal and gem jewelry are very powerful tools," Trent said . ".
"The Lotus bracelet of the Energy Muse brings a new beginning, awakening and beauty to the wearer.
The pink jade helps bring emotional balance, renewal and peace to the body-which is very helpful for traveling moms --heavy schedule.
The bracelet is $69.
99, available at www. energymuse. com.
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