mum is slammed as ‘ungrateful’ after she complains her mother-in-law got her nice presents - silver necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-15
mum is slammed as ‘ungrateful’ after she complains her mother-in-law got her nice presents  -  silver necklace set
When it comes to gift giving, it is always difficult to do it right.
Did you choose the right gift, too much money, or not enough?
When it comes to in-
The law may be harder.
A mother took her mother to slam snet and dropped the gift she received --in-law.
But it's not what you think.
She complained on the forum website that they were too good.
She moaned, "We talked to in beforehand-
Laws we have not done this year. Mother-in-law and father-in-
The law came to us at Christmas.
"She bought me four gifts, including a very expensive earrings and necklace that looked like Amber and silver, in my display box and food basket for each adult DD (
Dear daughter)(her SD's)
And gift certificates.
What does she want to prove?
"She started the thread on AIBU?
A forum that caused quite a stir.
The user attacked his mother for being ungrateful and said, "Mill (Mother-in-laws)
Can't they do it right?
"I can imagine your mother. in-
The law accepts the reason why you and your dear husband can't afford a gift this year, but he is one of those horrible people who don't give a gift and feel that you should all be treated.
"Now you are unhappy with her gifts and thoughtfulness, how pleasant you are.
Digging is cutting.
But she was not alone, and other users criticized her.
"Does she sound like she wants to perform well?
Unless there is a background story, you have nothing to resent at all.
Your husband is her child.
However, she also admitted that as the mother's husband was recently laid off, she understood that she might be embarrassed.
"I know that when you can't repay her generosity at the moment, you may be embarrassed by her generosity.
The other mothers agreed with their comments and said the motherin-
The law was hurt unfairly.
"She might want to do well.
Maybe she didn't read her mother's book, so she didn't realize everything about her mother. in-
The law will be interpreted as hostile acts.
At the same time, another person told her to be polite.
"It sounds like she has been trying to support you since your DH (Dear husband)
Her son has been laid off and it's Christmas.
He told her the money was tight.
Please be kind.
"However, there is a user who does stand on her side and says that she personally finds it difficult to deal.
"She's basically overpowered (
And not very good at understanding boundaries)
What do you mean? " she said.
From your background
It does sound hard to handle.
Overall, however, most users disagree with the lady's claim that while she may feel uncomfortable, she should be more grateful.
The mother's gift is not special.
Others complained to Mumenset about the "predictable" gift.
Some even sell their gifts on eBay. . . still wrapped.
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