muse school is actress' brainchild - simple necklace set

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muse school is actress\' brainchild  -  simple necklace set
Sitting on the Cross
In the sunlit community room of MUSE Elementary School, she has legs on the floor, which is the Topanga Canyon school she founded in 2006.
No 10-
Seeing tall blue people, there is no war craft that threatens the pastoral campus.
But again, she created a Utopia at MUSE School, as her husband, James Cameron, created in the movie Paradise Pandora.
At Muse, children are free to design and guide their own plays, gather in a tribal advisor to celebrate their birthdays, and roam in the idyllic areas that study puddle water, collect bees and rock hunting ---
In the name of education.
Long thin, near the waist
The mother of the four children, Amis Cameron, had long hair and wore ropes, wooden clo and green stone medals on leather ropes.
Her husband bought this simple necklace while filming his eco-epic Avatar in New Zealand.
Amis Cameron said: "The Green River Stone is precious to Maori people.
"The locals respect the natural state of the stone, so they shape it according to the craftsman's preferences.
"With the medal touched, Armys Cameron shuddered.
"I got goose bumps.
This is the perfect symbol of what we do at MUSE School.
We empower our children to shape themselves.
In November 2005, after decades of technology development, James Cameron made the final decision to start filming Avatar.
Coincidentally, Amis Cameron, after observing her older child's educational process for many years, decided to start her career as a muse.
"When we educate Jasper, my oldest child, at home
She and the son of her first husband, Sam robaz.
In the eighth grade, I saw how powerful a child is to learn in his own way.
This rekindled my thinking about education.
"Jasper is now studying in Paris and later on went on a new path, a private high school in Santa Monica, where he thrive.
But by 2005, the couple again faced a difficult problem with their parents ---kindergarten.
When Claire, 4, came home from a school party, a green tongue and red dye flowed down her shirt.
But M & A is the last straw.
In kindergarten, Claire learned to count candy and ate it.
Since she was pregnant with Jasper, Amish Cameron, who has been eating organic food, has been shocked.
The couple visited schools that cut budgets for science and art courses, and the test results were crucial.
This is the science we are.
"This is a creative family," said Amis Cameron . "
"Nothing feels right.
"She called on her sister, Rebecca Armis, to become a colleague who started a school in her hometown of orramafounder.
They consulted experts from all over the country.
After several months of research, the women commissioned a course for early childhood based on the Reggio Emilia principle, which advocates mutual respect between teachers and students, and a course that takes care of the interests of each child
A healthy life, responsibility to the Earth and others is part of the mission and part of a rigorous scholar.
In the fall of 2006, Muse opened with 10 preschool and kindergarten children and two teachers.
They now have 45 students and 15 students. and part-
Time teacher from kindergarten to fourth grade.
"In the last five years," said Armys Cameron, "Jim went to create a world ---
Pandora's great utopian world
At the same time, I am creating a smaller world.
There is such a connection between Pandora and Muse. -
Build a world based on your specifications and values.
"While their work runs through a common theme, Cameron and Armys Cameron say there is no general plan.
According to the director, Avatar has no direct effect on Muse and vice versa.
But it's no coincidence.
"Both come from a common belief," Cameron said . "
"Muse teaches children to be responsible citizens in the 21 st century, to celebrate diversity and to respect each other and the Earth.
"Avatar" reflects the same philosophy.
"Big ideas may guide their work, but at home it's all about the family.
"We live and breathe these thoughts," said former model and actress Amis Cameron, who met her husband while working on Titanic.
"But when we go home, it's mom and dad and the children.
We have domestic details that everyone should consider.
In the middle of all this, we have Elizabeth Rose, who is now 3 years old.
"All three of Cameron's youngest children took part in the Muse and each lesson started with" one intention, "" It could be anything, from writing their diary entries to being kind to others, or walk quietly inside.
Even the youngest picked up the intended Stone, said their desire for that class, and put the stone in a can of water.
Why is the pot of water?
"It's interesting to hear the stone plop," the first-and second-grade teacher.
Peres, along with her students, is creating a drama based on a book they are reading, the place of peaceful life.
"The students decided to stage a play, so Perez was helping them organize the costumes and the conversation.
"At muse, it's not top-down.
Teachers and children work and study together . "
If the children are interested in something, the teacher will build academics around these issues.
Last year, the students discussed bees that flocked to snack time.
Curiosity becomes a complete
The learning process of the whole grade is terrible.
"What are we from bees?
Why is bee hive formed like this?
This leads to architecture and geometry, says Amis Cameron.
"At other schools they will be told to wait for a few years for a scheduled geometry or biology class.
Tuition is $21,000 per year;
Between 30% and 40% of students receive financial assistance.
Although Muse shares a campus with the summer camp, there are very few cleaning services (
Students clean the classroom and lunch
This is still an expensive operation.
Field trips, visiting experts in ecology and American Indian traditions, chefs in organic gardens and cooking organic lunches and snacks all add up.
The staff did a lot of grant writing, fundraising, and asked affordable parents to help non-profit organizations.
As part of this effort, Amis Cameron launched a competition to design the ecological environmentsensitive gown;
She plans to attend the Academy Awards in winning silk.
Muse students pass Skype with their sister schools in New Zealand and Thailand.
Erin Terzieff, who works with the entire student group, launched the school's Global Initiative.
She introduced Muse to Good Morning School in Myanmar and developed the project with Mana Tamariki School in New Zealand.
Terzieff said: "If you understand from an early age that you belong to a larger global community, you will have the knowledge and courage to stand up for those who are different from you.
You will naturally be interested in learning wisdom from other cultures.
"That's what Muse thought.
"I hope that our students are so used to children of other cultures that they don't have the words" diversity "and" tolerance "in their vocabulary," said Amis Cameron . ".
They don't need them. -
They will survive.
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