my son, the cross-dresser - gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-02
my son, the cross-dresser  -  gold necklace and earring set
My son is a cross. dresser.
Most mornings he gets up and puts his hand on his handme-
The down jacket stolen from his sister, wrapped an old white pillowcase on his head with a ribbon (
His "long golden hair ")
While singing, "The mountains are full of music.
"My son is three and a half years old.
He doesn't want Batman at the toy store.
"I want a bat girl doll," he cried . "
When he asks to play with his friend Margo, it is not because he likes her more than his best friend Billy and Andrew;
She can provide more. -
Just like Barbie's vast collection and a whole wardrobe of small clothes he can wear.
He likes preschool. -
The part is for the teacher and the part is for the other children, but mainly because it has a selection of Tutu, fancy party shoes and fake jewelry.
His grandmother. my mother)
One day, when she went to pick him up, she received the shock of her life, wearing a blue figure and gold slippers in beads.
The other mothers told me with a smile that he was such an actor.
The teacher told me and my husband that he was "very in contact with his female side ".
"If we just have to worry about preschool, life is fine ---
But his grandparentson both sides)
His uncles and aunts, his nanny, and others, were all together.
"Boys should play baseball, not Barbie . "in-law exclaims.
"I'm embarrassed," My mother complained after the harrowing Tutu incident.
"He's been holding my daughter's Cinderella slippers all the time!
"My neighbor told another neighbor who told me.
His friend's brother and sister called him a weird person, a strange person, usually not normal.
Adults tend to be more subtle about the following questions: "So, when do you think he will grow from it" or "How does your husband feel about it", and I am trying to explain to each of them, my son treats the gift of life in a unique way.
When he loves football, he often plays football in a silk cloak.
When he plays the roles of "girl in distress" and "rescue Sheriff", playing his car has a new meaning, alternating hats to represent each character.
My husband can't wait to get the Little League to start because he sees a little batsman on our son who can already hit the ball from our relatively large backyard.
Our son can't wait to play baseball either, but the reason is different: He says DingTalk is like a tap shoe.
"Thankfully, his preschool teacher assured us that he was just" evolved.
"I wish all my children were the same --
"As your little boy, balance," she told us in our first parent --
Teacher Conference
"I like the way he plays cowboys and Indians in his favorite ballet slippers.
She believes that our "non-judgment and acceptance of parenting" is due to his creative expression.
I was relieved, frankly.
So he's not a weird guy. -he is "evolved.
"I hope I can be praised for it, but it's all created by himself.
Interestingly, no one seems to be at all upset about our friends (
I called her. .
At the age of 5 and a half, she refused to wear clothes and play T-
Ball and football proved to be quite skilled in climbing trees.
Because of the rough treatment with her brother, her wounds and bruises were more than when my husband claimed he was in college rugby.
I was told Gillian was a tomboy.
"Is she not cute ? " When we were at Geely's house for a Sunday barbecue, a friend shouted to me. (
My son and two girls were watching Pocahontas in there. )
If Gillian is a tomboy because she likes to do what boys like, then my son is not cute when dressing up and re-interpreting the glass shoe scene in Cinderella, then, what is my son who likes to be a girl? like things --
As far as I know, there is no equivalent language in English (
At least not in my Webster dictionary).
More importantly, there is no acceptable behavioral equivalent.
I began to ask myself what is normal for my son who likes trucks, cars and trains.
He wore his sister's striped dress and played on his Brio train for hours.
He is very affectionate and often tells his friends that he loves them with hugs.
Last fall, in those terrible two games, he was accused of bullying for biting a girl on the playground.
How can a child change from bullying to Sissy in just nine months? I began to realize that when we had sex --
There has been an expansion in the role stereotypes of girls, but not for boys;
There seems to be no acceptable crossover
Gender is equal.
One of my gay friends claimed that all the noise was a homophobic response to my son's behavior.
"I remember I also like to dress up and make up," my friend told me with a kind of attentive look.
I remind my friend that he's only three and a half years old. -
It is too early to determine his sexual preferences.
The feminist revolution seems to have succeeded in helping to create an environment that makes girls "cool.
A lot of research is being done to ensure that girls are encouraged to achieve excellence in mathematics and science, to overcome the depression of adolescence, and, with good luck, one day, on boards across the country, not just tokens. I am thrilled. Trust me; I have a 1-year-old daughter.
I hope she can understand and respect her power, her chances, her women.
But I want my son to be able to respect his power, his opportunities and his men, even if he explores the female side of him.
The day of "boy will be Boy" is over and it's not just in my house.
A few months ago, the Wall Street Journal published an article claiming Ritalin's prescription
Over time, more and more boys are expected to become less violent and Meek (
More girls. like).
NPR's guest commentator on youth violence has expressed concern that an increase in boy birth could lead to "testosterone flooding"
Young people who create havoc in our society.
My idea is: 3-and-a-half-year-
Old should be more like a boy, but 12-year-
The old one should be more like a girl who has to admit it. sometimes my son's behavior makes me very embarrassed.
His statement to my fatherin-
The law that he wanted to be a ballerina when he grew up almost caused family discord.
When the father of one of his preschool classmates inadvertently called him a girl (
Please note that he is wearing his favorite blue tutu)
I'm just a little scared.
I often get confused about the messages I send him.
I don't mind if he wants to put lipstick on his birthday party ---
"Mom, put lipstick on when you dress up!
He reminded me. -
But how do I protect him from inevitable ridicule when he comes back to my original question: Sadly, what is normal, my husband and I realized too early, the limit of normal life is really very narrow.
Happily, my son, at the moment pretending to be a beauty in Beauty And The Beast, wearing his favorite pearl necklace and earrings set that I gave him for his birthday, I don't know this yet.
With luck and a little parental intervention, he won't be a long time.
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