nba player describes humiliating racial profiling experience: "one of the the most degrading and racially prejudiced things i've ever experienced in life" - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-09
nba player describes humiliating racial profiling experience: \
Just over a month ago, New York Police Chief Bill Bratton was forced to apologize to James Black, his officials mistakenly fired the other African for taking care of his business on the crowded New York sidewalk.
The American sports star claimed he was recently discriminated against by the police.
Milwaukee Bucks forward John Henson said employees of the Schwanke Kasten jeweller at Whitefish Bay saw Henson approach the store, locked the front door and then became Henson.
"They locked the door and told me to walk away," 6-foot, 11-
Inchballer wrote on Instagram on Monday that he summoned jewellers who have been there since 1899.
"After I rang the doorbell twice, everyone went to the back. . .
Next is the two police cars parked across the street and looked at me for 5 minutes, "Henson explained in his lengthy post.
After being asked by the police about the Chevrolet he parked, the police told the staff at the jewelry store that Henson just wanted to buy a watch and they opened the door as usual to keep it open.
"This is one of the most degrading and racially biased things I 've ever experienced in my life, and I don't want anyone to do that," Henson wrote . " He was apparently angered by the incident.
Owner of Shi Vanke-
Tom Dixon told the local newspaper that the white fish Bay Police Department had informed local business owners to be vigilant and defended the staff's response to the police warning.
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