necklace with largest flawless white diamond sold for record $34m at auction - fancy necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-03
necklace with largest flawless white diamond sold for record $34m at auction  -  fancy necklace set
This emerald and diamond necklace has set the biggest ever auction record for the perfect white diamond.
5 million Swiss francs ($34m)
Christie's said the star location at the Geneva auction.
The necklace, known as the "de grisono art" in Genesis 1, has a 163-pound rectangular diamond.
Centered around 41 karat.
The stone, found in Angola in 2016, was lined with diamonds and pears on the other side --Emerald in shape.
Christie's said in a statement that the buyer's bid by phone at last night's auction will remain anonymous. The pre-
Sales are estimated at $25. $30m.
This diamond is more than 40% larger than a perfect white oval diamond of 118.
Rival Sotheby's sold 28 karat in Hong Kong in 2013 for $30. 6 million.
But the price does not reflect this, said Tobias Koman, managing director of 77 Diamond.
Com, Europe's largest online diamond jeweler.
"For the high end of the diamond market, this is a worrying sign that it is not as immune as people would like, because global factors such as China's economic slowdown have led to downward pressure on prices, he said in a statement.
The second prime location is a light pink diamond, which has belonged to the French royal family for two centuries. Weighing 19.
07 karat, took 14.
37 million Swiss francs, about twice as much as before.
Sales estimates, Christie's said.
Named Le Grand Mazarin, whose name comes from Cardinal Mazarin, who became chief minister of Frances in 1642 and assembled a collection of gems.
The stone later became part of the French crown jewels.
Meanwhile, Today in Sotheby's, the star lot will be "Raj Pink", the world's largest famous fancy intense pink diamond.
It was found in South Africa in 2015, weighing 37 lbs.
30 karat, estimated at $2030m.
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