new exhibit of items from tutankhamun's tomb comes to paris - gold necklace and bracelet set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-11
new exhibit of items from tutankhamun\'s tomb comes to paris  -  gold necklace and bracelet set
A new exhibition of artifacts from the tomb of ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen will open in Paris for more than 50 years, after similar exhibitions created a record of visitors who are still in the French capital.
Organizers say 150 items in the exhibition, called "Tutankhamen, Treasure of the Golden Pharaoh", last traveled outside Egypt before entering the new museum near the Giza pyramid.
The exhibition was held in honor of the 1922 discovery by British archaeologist Howard Carter of Tutankhamen's complete mausoleum and its preserved treasures.
Paris is the place where the exhibition is open to the public on Saturday at Grand Halle de la Villette, which is 10-
City tour starting from Los Angeles.
These artifacts include gold-plated wooden statues, including Tutankhamen statues riding panthers, miniature coffins of Pharaoh's internal organs drawn in bright gold and blue, and decorations with lapis lazuli scarabs
Curator Tarek El Awady said the exhibition tried to answer "the most common question about why ancient Egyptians buried treasures like this" with the dead pharaoh ".
For a short life in Tutankhamen, he may use items that are shown, such as gloves. He was 9-years-
When he became pharaoh and ruled ancient Egypt, he died until he was 18 or 19.
"When the people come, they will actually join the King, and they will travel together on a dangerous journey to the afterlife, from the moment the king died, until the moment when he was resurrected and enjoying eternal life, "El was attacked by Israeli security forces.
"Tutankhamen, Treasure of the Golden Pharaoh" was exhibited on March 23-9 at Grand Harry de villarette in Paris. 15.
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