new jewelry exhibitors make strong impression at tefaf maastricht - white gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-28
new jewelry exhibitors make strong impression at tefaf maastricht  -  white gold necklace and earring set
The shift from TEFAF Maastricht to modern and contemporary galleries has also had an impact on jewelry exhibitors, whether they are contemporary jewelry artists or antique dealers.
FD Gallery, symbol & Chase, Siegel and Cindy Chao replace the mid-of the Vendome jeweler Reza and combo-20th-
Century brands of Verdura and Belperron.
These new exhibitors are one of 40 companies invited to this prestigious art fair for the first time and are now 32 years old.
Li Siegelson's gallery in New York says he has applied for the month year Cindy Cao Guowei said she has been working for the month.
The art fair in the southern Dutch city of Maastricht is open to the public on Sunday and will last until March 24.
All the new people made their first appearance at the exhibition.
For example, Fiona Drunkemuller, founder of the FD Gallery in New York, introduced all the necessary names, such as Cartier, Van Cleef, Bulgari, etc.
However, both sets of earrings stand out at Bhagat, the famous Indian premium jewelry house.
The first is a platinum sphere-shaped earring with about 42 karat rose-cut diamonds and about 2018.
The second is a pair of natural pearl and diamond earrings inlaid in platinum.
Another piece to note is David Webb's work of art, a rough frog --
Carved emerald eyes and round texture 18 k gold
Cut Diamond highlights.
Also impressive is the one-collection-of-a-
Sabba's Alessandro Sabbatini is one of the world's top young fine jewelry artists, a modern earring designed specifically for the FD Gallery.
Apart from the fact that almost all earrings use titanium, the earrings are significantly different.
Among the items on display, there is a large group of rectangles --
Sapphire Diamond earrings with titanium (top photo); star-
Diamond ear clips in the shape of titanium and gold;
And "treannant" diamond earrings, inlaid on a cascade tree --
Like the shape that enhances the shaking effect.
Symbolic & Chase in London offers items from many royal sources, including a necklace from Cartier with some hanging tears
Styling emeralds and some items made by contemporary jeweler JAR, including a pair of fans
Disappeared shape sapphire, emerald and diamond earrings on the second preview day.
As promised, Siegelson brought two big debuts.
First of all, the 100 aluminum earrings series, designed and built by jewelry artist Daniel Brush, adopts a variety of metal processes;
And Nizam diamonds, 120. carat tear-
Shape diamonds unearthed from Golconda mine, India.
The historic Stone was named after the last monarch in Hyderabad who owned the gem.
It's in a Mughal-
Inspired by a long and sweet emerald and ruby necklace designed by Siegelson.
Another small detail is that the pointy of the diamond is made of rubies.
Among the contemporary fine jewellery artists, Cindy Chao, who is new, brings a collection of carefully crafted large, bold and sculptural emerald jewelry.
A large emerald necklace centered on yellow diamonds is one of the impressive pieces, along with a floral brooch made of brown titanium inlaid with colored diamonds (
230 in total, 6,300 Stone)
Centered on 84-
Carat Cabo Jade.
The Emerald is surrounded by stamen made from a specific manufacturing commercial ancient lacquer technology in France.
This is not the emerald of all Taiwanese.
Born and Hong Kong-based jeweler.
She also showed Ruby.
Inlaid bow tie centered on 76
CRAF VS1 is the old ore-cut type for Chao.
The most impressive jewelry artist at the show was Wallace Chen, who once again dealt with the universal theme with his colorful, elaborate artwork.
Three of the new works on display stand out.
The first is a huge titanium Peacock made as a shoulder brooch, called "herah ".
"It was created without feathers, but more of a skeletal structure with shiny stems in brightly colored diamonds and gems that seem to follow the light
It has a large blue and white cat eye stone on its tail, and brightly colored diamonds surround the stems of pearls and can be removed and worn as rings.
Another amazing thing is the titanium "Butterfly Nebula", inspired by the formation of the universe that Chen saw on NASA's website, which shines brightly
The metal is inlaid with changing colors.
Finally, there is the "Wheel of Time", 12 large and light titanium necklaces, each of which mentions the Chinese zodiac.
Here, the technique of carving titanium into creatures is shown in all its glory.
Hemmerle, one of the famous jewelry exhibitors, is constantly updating the game every year, displaying the jewelry using very few materials related to premium jewelry, and combining these media with impeccable craftsmanship and design details
The most prominent of these are earrings made of highly polished amber, round and mixed in red, orange and brown.
The other pair of earrings are dark red.
Brown Jasper with black stripes centered on Red tourmaline.
G's Glen Spero brings his collection of high jewellery, made from extraordinary gems and metals and ancient artifacts.
One of his most famous works is the white flower earrings centered on rubies, which give a warm green glow in the dark.
When it comes to green, the pearls he gave the earrings are very beautiful.
Shape and Pentagon
Emerald in shape and petite star
Earrings of different shapes are inlaid with rubies of various shapes.
There are also many purple titanium gems on display. Two London-
Vintage jewelry dealers based in the United States display outstanding jewelry for many periods every year.
For Hancocks, it is diverse, ranging from bridal jewelry made from cutting diamonds with old mines in its own collection, to popular works by Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier,
Andrew Grima is a modern jeweler.
One item of particular note is around 1865 vintage gold, ribbon agate, pearl and diamond festival necklaces made by Hancocks.
In addition, it comes with an original box with the words "Hancocks London" printed on it.
At the same time, the highly respected Jackie has collected a lot of Lalique jewelry, including gold, enamel and pearl necklaces purchased by Gustav Eiffel's daughter at 1900 Paris Exhibition
A set of fake jewelry by multiple featured lovebirds
The colored enamel on gold is also created around 1900.
Of course, the display of vintage jewelry without headwear and Wartski showed two diamonds and pearls on white metal.
Van Cleef & Arpels presents an annual combination of its vintage and modern works, including the "dragon clip" 1969 made of gold, emerald and lapis stone;
1959, made of gold and platinum, platinum, sapphire, ruby, turquoise and diamonds.
The face is made of pink quartz.
In the new work, there is a set of jewelry with rubies and diamonds inlaid on white and pink gold.
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