notorious jewel thief doris payne, 86, caught shoplifting, police say - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-07
notorious jewel thief doris payne, 86, caught shoplifting, police say  -  the jewelry store
CHAMBLEE, Ga. --A notorious 86-year-
Police said that since the 1950 incident happened again, the old jewelry thieves tied to a string of thefts.
Doris Payne, who is the subject of a documentary, casually said in 2016 interview with The Associated Press, "I'm a thief, Monday, he was arrested after a Wal-Mart in Chambly, Georgia stole something.
Charges are misdemeanor.
According to CBS affiliate WGCL-Penn was seen by a damage-proof officer stealing several items across various departments of the storeTV.
She was arrested when she tried to leave the store.
A cbs News poll showed a controversial police video showing protesters in Hong Kong losing power, totaling $86.
When she was caught, there were 22 items worth in her wallet.
She is also reportedly wearing an ankle monitor that was previously arrested for shoplifting.
Penn was recently accused of stealing two $2,000 diamond necklaces from a department store outside Atlanta in December.
After she missed her appearance in March 6, a judge issued a court case against Penn's arrest.
She was later detained on March 13.
Authorities say Penn has taken expensive gadgets from countless jewelry stores around the world during his 60-year illegal career.
Penn's first arrest was in 1952, according to television reports, when her biggest theft charge reportedly occurred in her 1970 s, when she was found to have stolen a $500,000
The legend of Penn's alleged theft has long attracted the public and the media, with countless news stories and 2013 documentaries, Doris Payne's life and crimes, detailing her
"There was never a day when I went to steal, and I didn't get what I was going to do," Payne said in the documentary . ".
In an interview with The Associated Press 2016, when asked about her merits, she simply said: "I am a thief.
Penn told CBS affiliate WGCL after 2015 theft arrests in Atlanta that if she was caught, she was free to admit her crimes.
Ask any official-
Have I ever been arrested and lied?
Penn told TV.
Authorities say she has used at least 22 aliases over the years and may have escaped more frequently than the number of times she was caught, although she has committed several crimes in prison.
The industry trade group Jeweler Security Alliance issued an announcement as early as 1970 issued a warning about her.
Payne told The Associated Press that she realized that a simple distraction would allow her to try her watch when she was a child at a friendly shop owner and then forgot that she had jewelry.
Her career began in her 20 s when she thought she could support herself by lifting up her jewelry.
She often asks shop assistants to try on multiple pieces of jewelry, hoping they won't notice one of the missing items, according to WGCL.
Penn appeared effortlessly elegant and calm in an interview with The Associated Press, but when asked about her approach, she became cautious.
"I don't decide what will happen when I walk into the store.
"When I walk into the store, the person in charge will tell me what happened," she said . ".
"I don't tell people in the store that I want to see something for $10,000.
They make these decisions based on how I show myself and how I look.
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