nsw town braidwood outgrows nickname 'deadwood' with small business boom - silver jewellery set

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nsw town braidwood outgrows nickname \'deadwood\' with small business boom  -  silver jewellery set
Gold fever once swept through the historic town of Bradwood, but now there is another boom. With city-
The cost of living is soaring, and so is one of the fastest growing cities in new states.
Inland town outside big Sydney.
It has become a hot spot for entrepreneurs.
Attract cities
People who want to make money-
Efficient rural transformation, while bringing their creativity and the desire to work together.
At the same time, people who have lived for a long time have also begun to innovate into small businesses, from luxury fashion to Asia. fusion-
Inspired by handmade jewelry and unusual indoor plants, as well as caffeine or cake.
ABC interviewed seven families who contributed to the trend in two years, proving that the town has surpassed its nickname "dead wood ".
Each of them enjoys the benefits of a rural lifestyle such as being close to the capital and the beach, having less transportation, cheaper housing and being closeknit community.
But most people also cherish the charm of the countryside and don't want Braidwood to be the next Paula or berry.
For Dena Pharaoh and Jane Magnus, the freedom of security and creation is the greatest freedom, and they launched a studio last year that sells handmade --
London's free-to-print shirts, skirts and dresses, Italian plaid cotton and other natural luxury fabrics.
They put retro designer works together with their female fashion brands, nicknamed the "liberated Prairie" or prairie revival --
And draw inspiration from local fashion.
"Whenever you walk down the street, there will be beautiful girls wearing crazy and wonderful things," said former Canberra social worker Jane Magnus . ".
The young mother has called the town's home for more than ten years and lives above the store.
Entrepreneurs who love Braidwood "are not trying to make it big, just trying to create a way of life ".
"I just want it to be like this all the time!
Ms Magnus pointed out that "innocence" is good for the sense of innovation in small towns because they are far from "thousands of people are trying to do the same ".
Also a young mother MS from Newtown, Sydney
West a few years ago.
"It's a cool place and then I can't afford to live there with my young family," she said . ".
In the childhood of Sky Mazurkiewicz, her home was called "one-horse town". The seventh-
A generation of Braidwood residents have recently moved from environmental science to handmade silver ornaments.
She believes that this dynamic change is largely due to the joint efforts of the older generation and the younger generation to bring new ideas to the town while keeping history alive.
"A unique array of businesses come together and they have real cooperation," MS Mazurkiewicz said . ".
"We have something to offer, but we are willing to support each other, not compete --
This is a good community. orientated.
The businesswoman, Di Garnier, has lived in Bradwood for nine years.
A few months ago, she started her latest adventure, "dead wood," selling unusual indoor plants and coffee and cakes in an old stablehouse.
"There is a little controversy . . . . . . They [townsfolk]
"I thought we had a good time in the local town, but no, we didn't," she said . ".
"We want to call it dead wood because it's been a long time.
The name is Love. there is a lot of wood in the building.
While Gasnier MS likes simple country life, it's not always easy, she admits.
"If you can get through the winter, then you're usually fine, but it's a hard job," MS Gasnier . ".
Fortunately, she is now preparing for the holiday rush, and on her way to the south coast, thousands of commuters cross the town.
She noticed that many empty buildings were filled with fresh items of "many young blood coming into town.
"I hope we can continue to grow and get busy.
"In the event of a surge in population, musicians and artists have also flocked to the area, including singer Mikel Simic and his fiancé Ross Rickerson, a liberal
The couple met on Corma Road.
Tested several small towns including Tyra and Monaro.
But they settled in a home near Braidwood, where they found "like-minded ".
Simic says he has been inspired by the creativity of nature.
"Braidwood and [have a history]poet]
Judith Wright and amazing writers and artists in history, "he said. Topics:human-interest,small-
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