one direction launch jewellery line - pendant and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-10
one direction launch jewellery line  -  pendant and earring set
One item from one-way jewelry collection.
Source: Stars in no direction expand their business empire by launching cuts
Collection of jewelry for price.
The British boys band has teamed up with Argos, the British high street store, to allow fans to get inspiration from the teenage fans.
Zain Malik, Harry steers, Neil Holland, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne make up five-
With popular works such as what makes you beautiful and so on.
Thanks to their catchy music and lovely looks, they have accumulated a lot of wealth and worked with this jewelry collection and more.
The line includes bracelets and necklaces with the name of the band, starting at $20.
The most expensive item is a charm bracelet with a watch pendant and a miniature photo of each member's face.
Other pieces are printed with a one-way name and logo, and the heart pendant is a recurring feature.
The boys announced plans for their first perfume at the end of last year.
Thanks to their great wealth, there were reports this week that they had hired financial advisers to help them manage their money.
Their success is amazing.
The same is true of the profits that follow.
"The lads have an incredible 2012 and look bigger this year," one source explained . ".
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