online jewellery business sparkles - stone jewellery set

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online jewellery business sparkles  -  stone jewellery set
Virendra Rajawat arrived in Toronto with his wife in 2004, and he is full of ambition to find a job in the field of medical diagnosis, build a new home and give his children a solid education.
But when Rajawat can't find a job, frustration and worry begin.
Hearing buzz about all the items bought and sold on eBay, he began his investigation.
Within a year, he changed from an unemployed immigrant to a successful entrepreneur selling jewelry online.
Rajawat, who grew up in Jaipur, India's famous jewelry industry center, is already familiar with gems.
"Jewelry is a small thing," he added . "
"It's easy to transport, store and manage, with very little investment and storage.
"He already owns a few pieces of jewelry and he started the auction on eBay from his virtual storefront Sonatona.
He was surprised by the speed at which it was snapped up.
Soon he placed an order with the jewelry maker in Jaipur.
His focus is on jewelry and a half.
Precious stones such as purple crystal, Topa stone and OPA are made in sterling silver.
In the first year of starting his business in 2005, his sales reached $35,000.
With thousands of jewelry sellers on eBay, rajavat was intimidated by competitors.
But he understands that buyers need to be clear and close
Photos of the goods taken from different angles, as well as detailed and accurate descriptions.
He upgraded the camera to a DSLR and visited the online photography discussion to refine his presentation.
He lists all the sizes, the weight, the size of the stone, the size of the ring and the conditions of sale.
He also guarantees customer satisfaction or a full refund.
Sonatona's sales soared
Rajawat extends his knowledge, availability and cost of gems.
He focuses on market demand.
He studied other eBay jewelers and identified the most popular styles and price categories.
He found that customers prefer unique designs and a variety of styles.
Instead of adapting to Jaipur's standard style, he played a more active role in design.
"We adjusted the design.
With the ring, we change the rolling of handles, gems, shapes and cuts, silver, and usually a bolder design --
99 of our items are among the same.
All these innovations have attracted many new customers and expanded the basis for our repetition.
By recognizing the retail model, Rajawat can target his order to the manufacturer of Jaipur and cut his costs.
Auction format for Sonatona operation: low starting price, no reserved bid and 7-day cycle.
Regular or large buyers can enjoy a discount on shipping charges.
All this helps to move the jewelry quickly and keep the refund close to zero.
Rajawat expects sales to exceed $200,000 this year, including jewelry customization and accessories.
His list of customers includes dealers and dealers.
Although he still imports jewelry from India, some of it is in bulk.
Produced in Canada.
He was named eBay Canada Entrepreneur of the year with a 2010 mark.
He said: "I never dreamed that I would succeed like this . "
"There are good opportunities in Canada.
By using forums like eBay, I set up a business that allows me to make a living while working with people I love.
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