opening your ears to the joy of reading - red necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-01
opening your ears to the joy of reading  -  red necklace set
Last summer, when I crossed the Balkans on a long and hot bus trip, I found the fun of audio books, eliminating boredom and discomfort, just press the button to do it
I don't seem to be alone.
Audio books have been published on a large scale
Market, double jump in sales
Figures in recent years.
Prices are now much lower due to falling production costs and rising demand.
Audio books can be bundled with e-books
Book in just a few euros, downloaded as part of a monthly subscription plan, or purchased separately.
As technology advances, you can now read a few chapters of your favorite book on your Kindle in the morning, and then listen to clips all day on your iPhone while you're doing housework.
You can switch back to email before you fall asleep
Book on the Kindle and then start reading from where the narrator left.
ChoiceSuch's requirement is that the same is true for the audio version when printed books rank first.
Even the most famous theater schools, such as Rada, offer lessons on how to perform for the recording.
Audiobooks are no longer the territory of the elderly or the sick, it can have fans in the community.
Famous actors and movie stars also participated in the film, Kate Winslet recorded Roald Dahl's "Matilda" for penguins, and Colin Firth and Anne Hathaway further increased the popularity of audiobooks.
Print purists may be skeptical about this attraction, but should not see it as a "one-on-one" situation --
But praise one another.
Who doesn't remember the joy of being read as a child, a joy that inspires us to read independently, why not relive that comfort and joy, that curiosity and escape, on your humble smartphone, you will enter a fantasy world. There are plenty of audiobooks to choose from, and there are plenty of websites to browse, such as Amazon's audiobooks, iTunes, and audio. com.
Whatever your taste, whether it's science fiction or fantasy, autobiography or sports, literature or pop fiction, thriller or self
Help. that's all.
If you like Jack Gillenhaal, read The Great Gatsby.
Or Meryl Streep reading Nora Iverson's heartburn. Random House)
Buy yourself a pair of headphones and start listening.
Sometimes the author may be happy to read his own work, and Kevin Barry is a little surreal about the Beatles (
Brilliance sound).
Barry is a perfect performer with a soft, hypnotized lierte who reads the profane but lyrical story of John Lennon looking for himself and the island in Cliff Bay.
My favorite characters, John's driver and repairman Conelius, are active through the narrative in this crazy but deep audiobook.
A subtle factPenguin)
Written and read by John Le Carr, is a backward personthe-
A story of a small anti-scene
The reading of it by the terrorists Black op and le Carre will be exciting and enjoyable.
Other novels told by talented readers are before you (
Full Story Audiobook)
"The Night" by Christine Hanna (Jojo Moyes)Pan Macmillan)
Isabel Allende's Japanese lover
Simon and Schuster Audio).
I also like the mango explosion by Muhammad Hanif (
Full Story Audiobook)
: A dark irony, thought-
A thought-provoking novel about the killing of Pakistani general Ziya.
One of my favorite books is the bible of barnonwood (
Brilliance sound)
I read it a few years ago, but recently heard it again on audio.
This story about a missionary family moving to Congo is devastating, but fascinating, in the audio version you have such a complete understanding of each of the four Price sisters, mainly due to the narrator Dean Robertson, who created a completely different, totally believable voice for everyone.
I haven't listened yet, but highly recommend someone named Ove from Fredrik Backman (
Hood and Staunton)
About the only widow whose suicide plan was delayed when he helped solve the crisis in neighboring countries, large and small.
A very long journey is the Game of Thrones: book The Song of Ice and Fire (
Hood and Staunton)
Roy Dotrice tells the story of George RR Martin, who is listening for 33 hours and 45 minutes.
Hard must-core GOT fans!
I really enjoyed listening to Edna O'Brien excitedly telling about her rich and dazzling life in her vivid memoir Country Girl (Hachette).
When breathing becomes Air (Random House)
A moving memoir by neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi has been diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer and is hard to forget. Life (Orion)
Johnny Depp reading Keith Richards is a game for music lovers in the audiobook paradise.
Some of the better audiobooks, including "Lolita" by nabkov (
Read Jeremy Aines)
Red necklace from Sally GardnerTom Hiddleston)
Christmas Carol by Charles DickensPatrick Stewart)
Hans Farada is alone in Berlin (John Telfer)
The ending of Julian Barnes (Richard Morant)
The help of Catherine stockter (
Jenna Lamia, Cassandra Campbell, ni Teh and Otavia Spencer)
Ghost Boy by Martin PistoriusSimon Bubb)
Andy Will's Martian. RC Bray)11-22-
63 Stephen King (Craig Wasson)
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