oprah gives back to sydney - silver necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-15
oprah gives back to sydney  -  silver necklace set
Oprah Winfrey shocked the audience today with a series of gifts in the front yard of the Sydney Opera House.
She gave the Sydney couple Christian and Rachel Anderson $250,000.
Anderson is struggling with cancer, and an emotional video he made for his wife caught Winfrey's attention, featuring Hugh Jackman, causing a sensation on the global Internet.
Winfrey gave the couple a check so that they and their two children could "take a year off and recover ".
But the audience did not miss it either, and Winfrey announced that everyone would receive a silver necklace with an "O" pendant and a large South China Sea Pearl from the North Sea
The retail price in Western Australia is $450.
After the show, Winfrey also took the time to talk directly to her fans and tell them "it's just as important to me that you're here for you ".
"This experience is really sacred to me.
Sent by heaven.
"Australia gives you more power and love," she told the audience . " The audience applauded.
She thanked Australia for teaching her to "work for life, not for work ".
The crowd of satisfied fans is equally enthusiastic about the praise of superstars.
Jackie Parsons, 25, took a day off from Newcastle with his motherin-
"She's been watching Oprah as long as I remember," she said ". Her mother-in-
Janet Lowe, who celebrated her 58 th birthday tomorrow, said she was moved by Oprah's post-recorded speech.
"She is too modest.
She is a beautiful person, it shows.
She talked about the emotional nature of the Oprah show and added: "It's not going to be Oprah's show without tears.
She has been watching the show for twenty years and says she has always wanted to see the American host.
"I like her programs very much.
She's one of my heroes.
"The stars who came out for OprahThousands are already packed with Macquarie Street in Sydney and lined up for the show.
Winfrey, dressed in a scorched orange Taft band, jumped up on a special stage, dancing with men on the land of work, shouting, "I love Australia!
Her first guest was Russell Crowe, who walked from his home to the opera house and told her that the difference between Australian men and their American brothers was that "Americans have better dental jobs ".
Asked why he only had a home in Australia, Crowe said: "I like to go back here and get knocked down by the tall poppy syndrome . ".
Owen family-
Bindy, Bob and Terry.
Wearing the "family color" also took the stage
Yellow Earth and two giant snakes.
Steve Owen's widow, Terry Owen, burst into tears when it came to her late husband.
"I think the best thing about Australia is friendship," she said to Winfrey . ".
Living with Steve is like living in a whirlwind, she added.
In a video shown during Jay-
Z's appearance on the show, the rapper unexpectedly appeared at Canterbury Boys High School in southern Sydney
West, hysterical a teacher, the children cheered and shouted.
Winfrey also announced to more than 300 boys the surprise gift she is now used --
Who's watching the show at the Opera House-
Both they and their teachers accept computers sponsored by HP and Microsoft.
The library and music room of their school will also be upgraded to $1 million.
But the biggest cheer came from the rock band Bon Jovi.
The audience stood up and some were sitting in plastic chairs, singing in unison, waving their hands, and lead singer Jon Bon Jovi spoke out loud about my life and prayers.
Winfrey began an important shooting day, commenting on the warm welcome she received from Australia.
She said at a press conference that she is now an "unofficial ambassador to Australia ".
"My mouth is the biggest," she said with a smile . ".
She described her trip here as "beyond everyone's expectations ". "In 25 years [
Do my show]
I haven't seen anything like this before.
"The billionaire Americans who hosted the Oprah Winfrey talk show last year spent on the show, refuting criticism of the Australian government's taxpayer money spent on her trip, she said: "I don't know what the dispute is.
"Millions of people have never heard of Uluru," she said, but now they will hear and see it.
Federal Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson defended the use of taxpayers' money to help the show.
Mr. Ferguson said that the $4 million to $5 million "small investment" of several federal and state agencies was a good amount.
He said Australia has already received $71 million in revenue in Australia and $14 million in the United States.
Alan Joyce, Qantas chief executive, said, "there is no doubt that this is the best marketing expense we can do.
"This is probably one of Australia's best travel plans ever.
The highlight of TripWinfrey joked that she was worshipped and praised, and she said that when she was 25, it was not like anyone else --year career.
She will visit Uluru, Hamilton Island, the Great Barrier Reef and watch a huge "O" illuminated on the Harbour Bridge as a highlight of her trip.
Those who managed to get the hottest tickets in town --
Allocation through a large number of overvoting
Start waiting to enter the cordon-
The Opera House under the first lamp.
A few people without tickets even stayed overnight at Circular Quay hoping to see Winfrey and Galaxy stars at the show.
"We came all the way from Perth to meet her," said ticket dealer Carrie McGrath . ".
"Somehow we managed to get a ticket by voting, so when we won, I said to my husband, 'Book your flight!
"Although the producer warned those waiting in line for the last one, a small number of spare tickets were provided
They will be allocated according to the minute the space is distributed.
A lot of waiting People hold banners or wear T-shirts
The shirt expressed their love for Winfrey.
At least one company took advantage of the queue.
Sell coffee to the waiting crowd.
At eight o'clock A. M. in the afternoon, the line on Macquarie Street winds back to Albert Street.
There seems to be a lot more women waiting than men.
Winfrey's first show was filmed at ten o'clock A. M. and the second one will be filmed around five o'clock P. M.
"I don't care how long it takes to get in, I just want to meet her," said Sydneyjess Taylor . ".
"I think seeing such a global phenomenon makes her show very fascinating.
"The opera house and dozens of media have a large number of police presence.
By ten o'clock A. M. , only a few hopeful people were waiting in line for the end --minute tickets.
They include some diehard elements who line up for hours just to get a glimpse of the hero.
Several fans lined up at Macquarie Street looked exhausted while waiting for admission, with at least one fan kneeling on the ground, holding his head in his hands and waiting for the morning sun.
Others were more active, chanting Winfrey's name and waving banners. "I ? Oprah" T-
In the shop at Circular Quay, shirts are sold like hot cakes. -
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