p.e.i. widow says diamond rings found in thrift store board game are gifts from her husband - new jewellery set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-26
p.e.i. widow says diamond rings found in thrift store board game are gifts from her husband  -  new jewellery set
On Friday morning, Orlanda Drebit's niece called her and asked her a question: "Did you play the mind trap game ? " Drebit is still in bed.
She said "what ".
"There is no thinking trap game.
I have no mind trap game.
But at least until recently, she played a mind trap game.
Seeing a photo of the 1990 board game, drabit realized, yes, that box was one of the games she cleared from Harbin in her bedroom, donated to a thrift store in Charlottetown a month or two ago-part of her cleaning before she moved out of Bonshaw's House, P. E. I.
Well, her niece said that there was a story in the national post about some Australians who bought board games while P. was on vacationE.
Before and after Labor Day
The family drank and played games in a rented cabin in Charlottetown and found seven rings worth at least $17,000 hidden at the bottom of the box.
When Drebit saw pictures of boxes and Rings Online, she thought, "How could I be so stupid . ".
She was sure the rings were her rings, most of them a gift from her husband Donald, who died in a car accident nine years ago.
Since the summer of 2015, when she hurried out of town for the weekend of the Cavendish Beach Festival, she hasn't seen the ring.
Whenever she is away from home for a few days, she will make sure that she hides her ring in a place that the thief will never see: a housecoat pocket, a glove hidden in a handbag in a closet.
But that time she forgot her hiding place.
"I am having menopause and I am becoming more and more forgetful," she said.
"I just don't want them to lie there," she said . ".
"I don't have time to go to the safe.
"She waited a few months, screened her clothes, checked her rings, and changed her wardrobe from summer to winter.
To December of 2015 she began to panic.
She suspected that she might have left them in Cavendish.
So she called the hotel.
They have no rings.
She talked to the local pawnshop. Nothing.
She spoke to the police and her insurance company and finally decided that the ring was gone.
She paid insurance for them the next summer.
But she began to accept that the ring was just something.
But they are special.
About 30 years ago, the engagement ring that Donald gave her, when he suddenly got home and insisted on a walk along the beach in Charlottetown, though drabit was doing some housework.
He gave her a wedding band on the wedding day of 1991.
An opal ring from his mother to drabit as something she borrowed.
She has been trying to return it for months, but her motherin-
The Law refused.
"She wants you to have it," Donald told drabit . ".
It was then that Donald seemed to understand his wife's love for jewelry.
He bought her for Christmas or her birthday, always a new set of earrings, or a necklace or a ring.
He said that the return on jewelry is high, because every piece of jewelry has a lot of things, wearing a ring to work, and there is one on each finger.
"I have a big personality.
"Jewelry matches that very well," she said . ".
"He chose something different very carefully.
"He is a very good man," she said . "
Her voice was shaking.
"He's just the other half of me.
On Friday, when she saw a picture of the ring on someone else's finger in a news report from Australia and the rest of the world, she realized what was going on.
She didn't remember putting the ring in the box, but at the same time she was sure she put it.
"I know it sounds strange," she said . ".
"No, I don't remember doing it.
Or I will find them two and a half years ago.
Drabbit started calling.
She called her insurance company and the RCMP detachment in Queens.
She needs to leave a message for Australian Chris Lightford, who lives in Toronto, who bought the Mind Trap game while traveling with his family to Charlottetown.
"Please," she wanted to say to him, "Tell me you didn't sell them.
She said: "She can prove that the ring is hers.
She knows what others can't do.
She said the wedding band was different from the engagement band it matched.
There is a very small chip on the opal ring and you need a magnifying glass to see it.
In the afternoon, Drebit received a reply from light foot, who is building a mobile tower around Toronto.
As of Friday night, the two are working on a plan to safely return the ring to the home of drabit.
Drebit left her house and drank with her friends and thought people were good, even though you read a lot of bad things.
"I will never let him back," Drebit said of her husband . ".
"But it means a lot to get my engagement ring back.
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