paris hilton won't return borrowed jewels - lawsuit - childrens costume jewellery

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-20
paris hilton won\'t return borrowed jewels - lawsuit  -  childrens costume jewellery
NEW YORK (Reuters)-
A new lawsuit says Paris Hilton, who holds $60,000 in jewelry that does not belong to her, should be returned.
German insurance company Allianz has sued the celebrity and the heiress of Hilton Hotel wealth, saying she has ignored several attempts to recover borrowed jewelry.
According to a lawsuit filed in New York state court on April 6, Hilton borrowed jewelry from Manhattan jeweler Damiani on 2007, promising to store it in a safe box or vault when she did not use it.
But Allianz said the gems were not protected on the closet shelf of Hilton's unlocked Los Angeles building when they and about $2.
When Hilton attended a Hollywood party in December 19, 2008, other jewelry worth £ 7 million was stolen.
Allianz said Los Angeles police found the jewelry and returned it to Hilton after Hilton paid Damiani's claim under the insurance policy.
The company said it began asking Hilton and two companies under her control with the same name to return the jewelry, but the phone and email were ignored.
Allianz's lawsuit charged Hilton with negligence and breach of contract.
A spokeswoman for Hilton said the lawsuit was "not based on facts" and none of Hilton's delegates told Allianz that the stolen Damiani jewelry had been returned.
"Only clothing and jewelry were recovered," she said . "
The case is for Allianz Global and professional companies.
Hilton, New York State Supreme Court, New York State, No. 104169/2011.
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