patek philippe golden ellipse: 50th anniversary of a cult watch - blue and gold jewelry

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patek philippe golden ellipse: 50th anniversary of a cult watch  -  blue and gold jewelry
After Calatrava (1932)
The Golden Oval is the second oldest watch in the Patek Philippe series.
It also shows one of the most symbolic designs of the manufacturer, as a legendary cult model, survived five centuries in the changing fashion trends.
Launched in 1968, the Golden Oval is known as a unique combination of fashion boldness and harmony.
Bold oval case-cross between circle and rectangle-featuring blue --
The Golden dial has a mysterious deep shimmer.
Its balance ratio is inspired by the "Golden Division (the so-
According to the ratio of 1: 1 is called the sacred ratio. 6181. . . ).
Since it was discovered by ancient Greek mathematicians, it has been the foundation of many architectural and artistic masterpieces.
In 1970 and 1980s, The Golden Oval was a great success, becoming not only a symbol of Patek Philippe, but also a symbol of an international recognized style and grade.
At the end of 1970, there were 65 different versions of the watch.
Its unmistakable shape is used in many models of different sizes and in a variety of precious metals.
The ellipse blends with other shell shapes, including rectangles and octagonal shapes, and is even presented in the Nautilus oval version.
Leather strap or metal bracelet (
Weaving, link, milanaise)
Various dial colors, apply hourly marks or Roman numerals, and also provide jewelry and premium jewellery versions for ladies.
The famous oval design is even used for luxurious accessories such as cufflinks, rings and lighters.
The very thin golden oval case originally fitted with manual winding motion was first given the legendary Superdome
In 1977, a miniature rotor fully integrated in the movement automatically wound a fine caliber of 240.
In the 1993, Patek Philippe introduced the elegant double ellipsis Lady model that echoes the shape of the case.
Then, with the referee.
3738/100, the manufacturer has introduced a gold model of three different color dials (
Yellow Sunshine Blue Gold
Gold shell in white, sunburst charcoal
Golden box, Sunshine chocolate brown of Rosegold case).
In 2008, Patek Philippe used a new version of the giant model (34x39. 5mm)
This is the first time that the dial has been carefully crafted in platinum and Sun Blue Gold (Ref. 5738P-001)
-This now iconic color combination is still part of the brand's current collection.
On the 50 th anniversary, the series welcomes two new versions of this legendary cult watch. Ref. 5738/50P-
001 Golden Oval: as the traditional guardian of grand Genevan, the limited edition combines rare artifacts and timeless elegance, and patek Philippe is dedicated to preserving the clock for more than 400 years, all hand skills including engraving and enamel art.
The manufacturer selected these two ancient craft forms as 100-
Watch the limited edition to pay tribute to the 50 th anniversary of the Golden Oval.
Dial of Ref. 5738/50P-
001 with its black enamel primer as the background, manually carve out the turbine pattern in 18 k Whitegold plate.
The theme of the center is reminiscent of the logo Calatrava cross of Patek Philippe.
This carefully designed decoration is the result of hours of work by the sculptor.
It perfectly blends the clearly bold outline of the Golden ellipse, emphasizing the harmony of the Golden Division.
The passage of hours and minutes is tracked on satin with delicate Chevrolet hands
Finished White Gold
The back of the solid platinum case is decorated with commemorative carvings "Oval d'Or 1968-2018 ".
The Crown has an onyx agate circle with the same color as the black enamel dial.
Like all Patek Philippe platinum watches, Ref. 5738/50P-
001 features a diamond set in the case Band at 6.
The dial of the art work covers the superthin self-
The winding 240 movement, which is why the outline of the case is so rough.
Its timeless elegance is emphasized by shiny black hands-
The shape of the oval case that echoes the square scale and platinum claw buckle stitches the crocodile strap. The limited-
The watch is in a white box.
Gold cufflinks in exclusive gold oval design-black enamel inlays show hands --
At the intersection of Calatrava, the tendrils were engraved. Ref. 5738R-
001 gold oval: giant version of rose gold with black dial following grand-
Patek Philippe launched the platinum taille model in 2008 to celebrate the 40 th anniversary of the Golden Oval and now presents the iconic design as a new magnificent building
Taille rose gold (34x39. 5 mm). The Ref. 5738R-
001 pair the warm glow of polished precious metals with the Black Sun dial of the wood, decorated with applied hourly markers and refined Chevrolet hands in rose gold.
This is a dress watch that attracts the aesthetic and the connoisseur.
With a black onyx agate embedded in the winding crown, the watch is a perfect interpretation of the harmony.
This form of balance and pure masterpiece is self-driven
Winding caliber 240 movement with off-
The center 22 k gold micro rotor is completely recessed into the bridge plane.
Therefore, the case is very detailed (height 5. 9mm)
Emphasize its timeless elegance.
This watch comes with a strong Rose --gold back.
Exquisite style
The aspect of definition is emphasized by one hand.
Shiny black alligator leather strap with square scale. Its rose-
The gold claw buckle echoes the shape of the profile of the featured case.
As with other Golden Oval models, the strap accessories are carefully hidden under the base band.
Nothing can be separated from the famous oval shape that celebrates its 50 th anniversary.
For men who love accessories, Patek Philippe makes cufflinks in rose gold and comes with a sunlit black-wood mosaic to match the exclusive gold oval design.
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