pearl view (1970) - pearl set in gold

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pearl view (1970)  -  pearl set in gold
The film "Pearl view" takes Christianity as the background and takes strong social theme as the theme, which is very popular.
Produced and directed by M.
For Kunchacko at Udaya Studios, the films have stories and conversations from Ponkunnam Varkey.
The film is also a hit in music, and G. has written some wonderful works. Devarajan.
There is even a colorful song in the black and white film.
The story revolves around two Christian families living on the coast of the state. Xavier (P. J. Antony)
And his wife, placina (
Dragon Horse)
I have a son, Lawrence. Prem Nazir).
A family headed by MarianneKottarakkara)
By his wife Anne (Adoor Bhavani)
Daughter Stella (Sarada)and Bastian (Govindankutty).
The occupation of the two families is fishing, and they are the ideal neighbors to support each other.
At school, Basti was a "bad boy" who was sent to his uncle in Colombo, where he grew up.
Cholera spread along the coast, and Marianne's family was infected with it.
The municipalities set their houses and items on fire as a preventive measure to check the spread of the disease.
Xavier built a new house for Marianne with all his savings.
Lawrence and Stella fell in love and their parents decided to hold their marriage.
Xavier and Marianne caught a box full of gold bars that were thrown into the sea by smugglers when police chased them.
They were afraid of the police, buried the boxes on the beach, and planned to use the wealth for their benefit later.
Return from Colombo.
He knew the buried gold and took possession of it secretly by affecting Marianne.
Xavier found out he was cheated.
Marianne bought the huge mansion "Pearl view ".
Basti protested Stella's marriage to Lawrence.
Using Stella's passion for music, he took her to Mumbai to sign up for her at the Bombay Conservatory of Music.
He misled Stella by forcing Stella to sign the marriage document, not the entrance document of the conservatory.
He managed to marry Stella and the professor. Stephen (K. P. Ummer)at the academy.
Lawrence accompanied a troupe to Mumbai.
He came home disappointed after learning about Stella's marriage.
Stella knew the "trap" on the first night of her marriage ".
Stephen didn't know the trap that Basti set up, so he sent Stella home.
Stella revealed the whole story to Lawrence, who accepted her and allowed her to stay with her family.
Basti tried to separate Stella from Lawrence.
Now is the time for everyone to forget and forgive.
Let's take a look at what Basti is doing.
Xavier and Marianneunite;
Lawrence married Stella.
Sarada, P. Prem NazirJ.
The natural styles of Anthony and cotecarra impressed them.
Comedy scenes involving Ador BrazilP.
Pillay and Ado pinjam brought laughter.
Songs created by Vayalar Varma and tuned by Devarajan became a super hit.
The song is like kaithappo vishariumaay . (K. J. Yesudas-P. Madhuri )
, Yavanasundari . (Yesudas-B. Vasantha )
Thaazhikakkudamalla, Don Ka. (Yesudas)
, Vishudhanaya Sebastaanose . (Yesudas-
Vasantha and Chorus)
, Pushmaanavum . (
Vasantha and Chorus)
They all became very popular.
I will be remembered as an excellent social film and excellent music.
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