pearls, politics and power! - times of india - necklace with earrings

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-13
pearls, politics and power! - times of india  -  necklace with earrings
Everyone is in a good mood.
The return of pearls is a huge return.
As the trend progressed, the dictators discussed Pierce's power.
They are reviving the era of pearls created by fashion priestesses such as Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana, Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.
So, ladies are ready for some pearl action!
Women in power only drool on pearls;
Hillary Clinton recently decorated the house with shiny pearls.
Pearl is a fashion accessory for outstanding women in politics.
Even Madeline M. kunn's new book "Women in American politics" is called "Pearl, politics and power ".
Even if you're wearing Armani or Versace suits, you can show off your pearls.
That's why even Indra Nooyi will never forget to wear her pearl string necklace and earrings with her suit.
Jewelry designer Amisha Khanna says the pearl shows the balance of strength and beauty, which is why it is a must
Have all the powerdressers.
Pearls are subtle, but they are powerful in style.
Perfect Pearl!
Whether it's sari or a trendy short skirt, pearls are your perfect companion.
They had a good relationship with Sally and even mahalani gaasiri Devi, who had never left the sparkling pearls.
Designer Ritu Beri said: "Personally, I like baroque and Nanhai pearls.
You can wear it with beautifully embroidered saris.
Forget the jewelry.
We will bring back the ancient charm of Hollywood with pearls.
Who can forget the opening scene of breakfast at the Tiffany Hotel, Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy's black dress with three white pearls and crystal pendants.
Model Nina Manuel said: "I like to wear a pearl necklace with a crisp white shirt and blue jeans.
If there is a party mood, I will match them with a sexy black one-shoulder knee dress.
From Grace to jazz!
Pearls are no longer boring, no longer delicate;
They are both interesting and stylish.
Cheer up your skirt with a long, funky pearl thread.
Pearls are not just white and red.
Jewelry designer Neelam Kothari shared some color tips that dark women should choose gold and gold pearls.
People with fair skin can choose from a variety of colors such as pink, white, purple, black, chestnut, green and blue.
You can also match your pearl necklace with a tourmaline and uncut emerald.
Rajiv Arora, jewelry designer at Amrapali, says all gems like diamonds, rubies, Sapphire and jadeite are perfect for pearls.
Actor Mandy Brady is a superstar.
I love the elegant combination of diamonds and pearls, a large pearl in pink, gold or gray with diamond earrings.
The bigger the better!
Recently, Michelle Obama wore the pearl of power, and interestingly, her pearl is bigger than the pearl of Conrad Rice, becoming the topic of the whole city and the focus of the whole country.
Whether it's Akoya, Tahitian, freshwater or Nanhai Pearl, a huge pearl, all eyes can see you.
Jewelry designer Naina Balsavar said, "big pearls are stylish and a bunch of graded pearls in white and red are a must.
But if you are thin, the big one is not for you.
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