police in ny seek owners of 30k pieces of bling - pearl gold necklace sets

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-26
police in ny seek owners of 30k pieces of bling  -  pearl gold necklace sets
For five years, people have hovered in rural areas in northern New York, stealing pearl necklaces, gold chains, bracelets, coins, silverware and other valuables from countless homes.
Now, the authorities are faced with a difficult task, and after the recent arrest of John Sude, about 30,000 items were found in 31 luggage bags, and those items were found
So police in Hudson Falls Village, close to the Vermont border, are taking new steps to display the items at a local high school on Wednesday night.
Victims of theft will be invited in and an officer will escort them around the table set up in the cafeteria to see if any items are theirs.
"I hope," said Francisco wentello, whose home was stolen in May.
He lost his cash and his wife's jewelry was worth about $75,000, including irreplaceable jewelry purchased in Italy.
"I swear to God that I will have to call an ambulance if we find anything in it.
My wife will faint.
"Suddard was arrested on December after serving a three-year sentence for burglary at the age of 19.
When he tried to pawn jewelry and coins in Albany
One day north of Hudson Falls, the district coin store was stolen.
He was held in prison for possession of stolen property and was not released on bail.
It is not clear whether Suddard has a lawyer.
Suddard, 39, declined to be interviewed by telephone from the prison.
Randy Diamond, head of Hudson Falls Police, said items found so far have been linked to 24 burglary cases, although there may be more.
Police say the thief's modus operandi is basic: wait until people get out of the House, break in, and look for cash and jewelry.
When the sun sets, he works mainly in the cold months.
He asked the owner if he had been away for a few weeks or a few minutes.
Police said he had tools and ski masks for thieves in his car.
"He rarely meets anyone in the house," said Washington County Deputy Sheriff John wincher . ".
"He was scared several times --
Someone showed up and he had to run out of the back door. . . .
In general, his crimes were not noticed for several days.
Winchell said the suspect almost stole "anything someone would throw into the jewelry box" and then stole some.
In addition to jewelry, the police also found cash, coins, pistols and game tokens.
"One bag I went through actually had an adult molar tooth all the way to the root," Winchell said . ".
"The luggage bag was found on the property of the Suddard brothers --in-
A lawyer who is cooperating with the investigation.
Police believe that most of his belongings have been stolen since he was released from prison for the last time in 2007.
He operates mainly in clusters in the three counties around Hudson Falls, although it is not clear how far Sude has traveled.
He also spent some time in other Northeast states and Florida.
Drummond said that Soud seems to have dropped the most expensive items and may continue to sell the remaining loot in the future.
Of the recovered items, there are a small number of inscriptions that link them to the victim.
The display at Hudson Falls High School on Wednesday was for items that could not be identified.
Viewing is limited to those who report burglary and have police reports.
Since the victims are still potential evidence, they are not currently allowed to take the identified items home.
Diamond said the department received calls from New Jersey and Hampshire, some of which came from missing cars, ships and other items that apparently had nothing to do with the case.
With such a strong interest, the police plan to have at least one more show after Wednesday.
We got this guy.
"We need to connect him with what we can do and return the property we can do," Diamond said . ".
Hill reports from Albany.
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