police recover ring set with a 40-carat diamond taken from the crown of france's last empress - ring and bracelet set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-26
police recover ring set with a 40-carat diamond taken from the crown of france\'s last empress  -  ring and bracelet set
French police have recovered $1.
7 million heir rings stolen from the Prince's fiancee
The descendants of Napoleon are also pretenders to the French throne.
Ring, 40-
Carat diamonds removed from the Crown of the last Queen of France, autoni, were found in part because of the investigation efforts of the Prince and his fiancee, Countess Olympia von ArcoZinneberg.
It was stolen from the Countess's bag, which was left in the unlocked car outside a hotel in Paris.
Last Monday afternoon they parked their Mercedes GL on the street next to five cars
The D'Aubusson star hotel in luxury 6 Paris, where they met with their parents.
The car is not locked, but they claim to be watching it all the time.
However, when they came to pick up the bag a few minutes later, the bag had disappeared.
The hotel's CCTV did not show the car, but after reporting it to the police, the couple checked the Countess's bank account and found that one of her credit cards had been used in a sushi shop a few minutes ago.
They called the restaurant but were told that the person who paid with the card had just left.
They then saw him Book himself to a nearby hotel with it, where police obtained photos of the suspect from CCTV.
They found him, arrested him at his house over the weekend, and recovered Chuan heir.
The suspect is described as 30-year-
Old Egyptian, known to the police for stealing.
A person familiar with the matter said: "He clearly did not realize the value of the ring.
The investigators did a good job.
It's a race against the clock because he can handle it at any time. ”Jean-
Christopher, 32, is an investment banker in London. he gave the ring to his German --
The fiancee who got engaged last month.
She's the daughter of Earl Riprand of Arco.
Austrian female Grand Duke Maria beicuiEste.
The young couple are members of the royal family, especially the Italian King Victor Emanuel II and French King Louis Philippe I.
A ring worth about $1 was stolen.
According to French media reports, 7 million is the latest high
Personal jewelry robbery in the French capital.
On 2016, American reality TV star Kim Kardashian West was robbed with a gun in a Paris hotel room of £ 8 million worth of jewelry.
The jewelry has not been recovered.
The diamond on the Countess's ring is part of the crown of autoni, the wife of the last French monarch, Napoleon III. Jean-
Kristoff is his immediate descendant.
He's a great one too-great-great-
Napoleon Bonaparte's great nephew, who served as the Emperor of Napoleon I in the 19 th century.
Bonapartists believes he is in charge of the former French Empire State Building.
Among the rivals in New Orleans and the wave, the man who took the French throne was engaged in a fierce succession battle, but Napoleon tried to stay away from the public eye.
"I want to be someone of my time," he said . ".
"The most important thing is that I want to build my own life and prove my strengths through my work.
But every year in May 5, he made public appearances in Paris's Military Academy, where there was the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte in memory of the emperor's death.
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