police: women vanish with le'veon bell's jewelry worth $500k - black and silver jewelry

by:JINGLIXIN     2020-02-19
police: women vanish with le\'veon bell\'s jewelry worth $500k  -  black and silver jewelry
Police say two female acquaintances have disappeared from NFL star leveon Bell's home in Florida with more than half a million dollars worth of jewelry.
Hollywood police say Bell returned from the gym in May 25 and found the women missing and his jewelry missing.
Police reports obtained by The Associated Press said the two women were Bell's girlfriend.
Bell said that the items in his closet were disorganized and all his jewelry was missing, including two gold chains with diamonds and a panther pendant with black and white diamonds.
A total of $520,000.
Bell's first practice since signing four times with the New York Jets on Tuesdayyear, $52.
Including 5 million transactions secured by $35 million.
He missed the game last season in a contract dispute in Pittsburgh.
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