precious beasts and spring gems: the top five jewellery pieces to invest in this season - gold necklace and bracelet set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-11
precious beasts and spring gems: the top five jewellery pieces to invest in this season  -  gold necklace and bracelet set
Of all the creatures that have been turned into jewelry, it seems unlikely that it will eventually mount your jumper.
Cartier's famous Panthers, although they are glorious, will not be welcomed if they grow up completely and become precious themselves.
On the other hand, insects are completely different animals.
The color of the caterpillar brooch of Italian jeweler Vhernier comes from the layered Yellow Agate under the transparent rock crystal, which is just the plump right side, nestled on the front of the cashmere jumper and looks cute.
The bee brooch of Delfina deletrez seems to have dripped some honey.
Clockwise from left: 18ct Rose-gold, sterling-
Bibi van der Velden, silver, Diamond and safaris, 2,334; 9ct yellow-
Gold, yellow crystal, Black
Diamonds and yellow
1,420, Delfina deletetrez, do you want a bee or a brooch for Sapphire; pink-
Gold, diamond, sapphire and spinel jardinins araigne rings, price available on request, Chaumet; 18ct white-
Gold, diamond, yellowagate and rock-
Crystal Bruco brooch, £ 6,450, Vhernier; 18ct rose-
Gold, Jasper, Ludlow, amethyst and pink-
Sapphire rhino beetle ring, £ 9,180, Daniela villagas, the most beautiful pink sapphire in the browsard Paris Shamet House, makes the spider a joy, not a fear, while the stackable scarab ring by Dutch designer Bibi van der Velden is just the kind of animal you 'd love to host with your fingers.
Finally, the Mexican jeweler Daniela Villegas likes to make something else tremble, placing a ladder-shaped tourmaline on the back of the Rose
Gold beetle surrounded by gems.
I am still early!
Margaret jewelry Geneva-fire red spinel ear clip, POA
The jewellerMargaret-based likes antique references, but the Modernist atmosphere of these almost lifeless spinel ear clips makes me swing in the best way.
King Dubini of Cappadocia pendant with blue Topa stone with silver coinin 18ct gold, worth 3,440, with fashion.
Old, it's really old.
This pendant from the Italian designer Dubini saw about
Silver Ariarathes Collection 7 Gold and polka dots earrings with blue Topa stones.
18 ct Four Seasons wheat rings in gold and diamonds, POA, Parisian e Top Paris designer Elie Top likes to spin on things (literally -
His ring is his trademark)
But the simplicity of this dangling Huite ring does not require any hidden tricks.
Rosa dei Cup diamond bracelet, early maturity, Giampiero Bodino these five
Italian designer Giampiero Bodino's cross diamond bracelet comes from his Rosa dei capsule collection-I think it looks as cool as a woman in a leather jacket on a man.
Iconica rose gold and diamond rings, from £ 3,360, Pomellato OK, so it's not one thing, it's three, but these three chunky rose gold bands are subtly inlaid with rain spots and navette
The shape setting is too beautiful to separate.
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