prime minister's gifts find new homes at museums, official residences - ruby jewelry set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-02
prime minister\'s gifts find new homes at museums, official residences  -  ruby jewelry set
No matter what time of the year, world leaders exchanged many gifts with the national capital.
Whenever Prime Minister Trudeau visits or attends an international summit, gifts are exchanged.
This is also the case in Canada.
Earlier this month, the first nations Congress used a large, handmadeQuilt With Stars
However, it is unlikely that Trudeau's bed will find a place this winter.
After Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was given a blanket at the First Nations Special Chiefs Conference, an elder stood by him. (
Photo: Adrian Wyld/CP)
As with all official gifts, this blanket will be registered with the Canadian commissioner for conflict of interest and ethics
Since it may be worth far more than $1,000, it will be confiscated to the royal family.
Until 2010, no one in the prime minister's office
Even the Ethics Commissioner.
What does this mean.
CBC News found that no one followed the gifts, which were scattered all over Ottawa and even hidden in the overheated, leaking attic of Sussex 24.
Things are different now.
"You must respect the fact that (the objects)
It's a gift, usually a very high one, "said Art Marcotte, director of the official residence of the National Capital Council, who has confiscated Prime Minister gifts in his hands now over.
Marcotte uses a range of criteria, such as the historical significance and suitability of the family environment, to decide whether the gifted items are suitable for the prime minister's family, the leader of the opposition in the House of Commons or the speaker of parliament.
The art of Inuit has always been asked "we have put one --a carpet —
Our eyes are a few more.
We are going through a transition right now, as you know, so there are some opportunities to change some of the decorations to make them a little bit fresh.
Marcotte pointed to a sculpture carved with two birds carved from the corners of the mascokes and bones, saying that the art of the Inuit has always been very popular and popular.
"It has some interesting elements [is]
It's also a representative of the Inuit community, so I think we will definitely consider placement.
All gifts are suitable for display at the official residence.
Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has received unique personal gifts over the years, including hiking books, luggage with letters on it, tap water pens, Sari and portraits of himself.
The value of one of the portraits, by the broken half
Precious wreaths and quartz are estimated to be worth at least $16,000.
Marcotte acknowledged that it had received a gift at 2006 APEC summit in Vietnam and that it was unlikely to find a home.
"Of course, the timing of the prime minister's portrait will make things more difficult . . . . . . .
During this period, we will continue to store and keep it properly.
"World leaders also exchanged a popular gift for men: Sometimes designer watches worth tens of thousands of dollars.
Similarly, no one is wearing them and they cannot be displayed.
These items are provided to other federal institutions, such as the Library and Archives of Canada, the National Gallery or the museum.
"Some of them are very fashionable, but they are relatively ordinary in nature," said Xavier Gelinas, curator of political history at the Canadian Museum of History . ".
A fountain pen or artwork of this nature, for example, or a very luxurious premium watch.
Although these things are noble, they are relatively mediocre.
"In these projects, however, Gelinas found more than a dozen eclectic works that he believed text and photographs could not record Canadian political history.
Although he passed four pastel paintings by former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, he did choose the mother of a pearl sculpture, which was completed in 2009 in the bas reliefs for Harper
"I think it's unusual in a positive way.
"This is from Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Authority, and you know, Canada has occasionally built challenging relationships with him," Gelinas said . ".
"I think this is an elegant or gracious gesture by the Palestinian president, offering him real art from his area, but describing a completely Christian scene.
"The museum also received a luxury diamond and ruby jewelry from the Saudi king for Lawrence Harper at the G20 summit in Toronto, as well as a 2-piece. 5 metre-
During Harper's 2007 trip to the north, the mayor of Resolute Bay, Aziz heraje, wh Huur Tusk.
"Something more Canadian than the ivory of the nar whale," Gelinas said . ".
"In addition, I think the Prime Minister has made firm and concerted efforts throughout his term of office to express his and the government of Canada [concern]
Through his journey to the north, for the affairs of the North.
"The meaning of the future researchers must think for a long time --
Try to imagine what objects will be considered important or interesting in the future.
Gelinas may choose items today that do not show the plan, but look at future research.
This may apply to each G he chooses-
The leaders at 2009 summit in Italy symbolize the idea of a unified currency in the world.
"It's not necessarily a microcosm of the good taste, but it does represent" the possibility of unifying the world economically and financially, "Gelinas said ".
"Almost every prime minister at the Canadian Museum of History has political artifacts, but donations are sporadic and temporary until the current donation process is implemented.
One of the projects was a hand-made deer skin coat detailing the works of Métis bead received by former Prime Minister Paul Martin at 2005 meeting leading to the Kelowna agreement
"This is a gift from two Métis artists for his trust, hard work and confidence --
"Building connections between Canadian society and the Métis people," Gelinas said . ".
With this in mind and with an eye to protecting Canada's political history, Gelinas has noted the traditional Star quilt AFN used earlier this month to cover Trudeau.
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