prolific ram-raiders have been jailed after being caught in cambridgeshire - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-10
prolific ram-raiders have been jailed after being caught in cambridgeshire  -  the jewelry store
Two prolific Rams
The attackers were sentenced after stealing thousands of people in a series of crimes in eastern England.
Tony Smith, 19, from Charlie Oakley, 26, George Street, scherford, Bedford County, was sentenced Wednesday at Peterborough Criminal Court (November 7).
The two admitted that they had stolen nearly £ 300,000 m from a series of eight ram
Raids on local supermarkets and shops in cam County, Lincoln County, Bedford County, Northampton County, Suffolk County and Norfolk.
Oakley received six copies.
Smith was sentenced to five years in prison after admitting some ram raids
The Institute for young offenders sentenced his role in the included series to one year in prison.
The two committed crimes during April, and they also confessed to conspiracy to steal some ram-
Raided cash machines throughout the area.
As part of a crazy crime, they also stole vehicles such as Land Rover and Otis, which were used to rush into the storefront as get-away cars.
Each ATM is equipped with thousands of pounds in cash, and the raid has caused losses of more than 250,000 pounds to the enterprise.
No cash was recovered after the theft.
On April, these persons were arrested by officials from the special operations unit in the eastern region (ERSOU)
Failed in trying to steal a cash machine from a shop in Isleham, cam County.
The incident happened around 4. 35am.
Detective Trevor Davidson, who led the investigation into ERSOU on behalf of the forces in the eastern region, said: "This ruthless cross
Border crime blitzkrieg resulted in thousands of pounds being stolen, not to mention the huge losses caused to the affected businesses, as well as multiple vehicles stolen by innocent people in the area.
"Due to the large number and geographical span of crimes, this is a very complicated investigation, but due to the hard work and dedication of our officials, working closely with the forces in seven different counties, we have brought these criminals to justice.
"ERSOU is committed to the fight against serious and organized criminals, and we are happy to be able to put these people in prison to prevent them from committing crimes in the future, hoping to warn others that you will not escape this offense in the eastern region. ”A 17-year-
Old, from Market Harborough, also admitted the theft charges related to the same series of ram raids and will be sentenced later this month.
A Land Rover is used to hit the store and take out the ATM machine with a lot of money.
A stolen Dafa 4x4 was used to steal an ATM with thousands of pounds.
A stolen Land Rover and an Audi were used to steal an ATM, and the attempt was unsuccessful.
An Audi and a stolen Land Rover were used to steal an ATM with thousands of pounds.
Before stealing an ATM with a lot of cash, offenders use Land Rover to pull the blinds away from the store.
Some criminals in balaclavas and boiler suits came here in a stolen Land Rover and stole a cash machine.
Offenders use two stolen Audis to arrive at the store and use the disc cutter to enter the store and then steal an ATM with thousands of pounds.
Offenders during the theft of ATMs are disturbed by police and on-site fees.
Lee, Oakley and Smith were subsequently arrested.
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