prom jewelry fit for a princess - red necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-30
prom jewelry fit for a princess  -  red necklace and earring set
Your prom dress, perfect shoes, and a great bag to put under your arm.
Your prom night looks almost complete, but nothing looks complete if you don't have some flashy and gorgeous ears and neck.
You may not have a red resource.
After carpet days, you don't need to rent a million dollar gem on prom night to look great.
All you need is a well balanced eye, something that can guide you to choose the perfect jewelry to emphasize your face and clothes.
Just follow this simple guide to help you choose the right finishing accessory for your prom night look.
Your prom dress is in the middle of the stage.
Choose jewelry that is not upgraded.
This means choosing some simple highlights to highlight what you're wearing instead of comparing it to what you're wearing.
If you have sequins or beads flashing on your dress, keep the jewelry simple and close to your body.
A short drop of choker-style necklace and back earrings will add a little dazzle to your face without destroying that perfect prom dress.
If you choose a simple style dress, you can always be bolder with jewelry.
Being bold does not necessarily mean excessive luxury.
Delicate and feminine is very important for dance 2009.
You can highlight a spoon or chicken collar with a beautiful pearl necklace using crystals and pearls.
Add matching earrings to your earlobe, glistening and peeping at your hair.
Bare shoulders and bare neck will make your ears shine with jewelry.
If you choose a shoulder-off or shoulder-less gown, highlight your beautiful neck with a pair of earrings or some wobbly crystal rings dangling from a crystal chain that will
When your neck and shoulders are bare, the best option for neck jewelry is a necklace that hugs your throat or falls on your collarbone.
A longer rope or chain will appear inappropriate and will stretch your neck a little longer.
Keep your jewelry in proportion to your prom dress.
If you're wearing a princess Cinderella dance dress, enjoy yourself.
Just wear three.
A neck chain made of pearls or rough diamonds and gems.
If the outline of your prom dress is slim, choose a finer chain and smaller gems and crystals.
There are exceptions, of course. An A-
It can be amazing when you're wearing a line sling dress, as it will echo the fine lines of the skirt.
Don't forget to dress your wrist.
This year's dance dress is open to bare and extends into your arms.
There are almost no sleeves to see anywhere, so don't forget to highlight those beautiful wrists with the right jewelry.
There were chains, ornaments and crystals all over the year.
Fine chains and beads are the hottest styles, but if you want to shine more on your wrist, please choose a variety of styles
It is not a thick metal band, but a string of bracelets.
For a very unusual wrist stylish look, find an artist to make a temporary tattoo on your wrist that matches the color or design of your clothes.
This year is all about illusion.
One of the most attractive looks of the year is freefloating gems.
You don't want to stick them on your skin.
The colored crystals and pearls that string together on the transparent line give the illusion that they are just placed on your skin.
This look can dazzle your eyes without any visible hanging way.
Since there is no bulky chain to distract, you can leave with three or four sparkling gems that bend in your throat.
Bring the illusion to the wrist with crystal on a transparent and elastic string of strings.
Tiaras is another hit at this year's dance fashion show.
The Golden headwear with crystal and rhinestones will really make your updo curl and Whirlpool, but there are many other options that might be more suitable for your style.
The winding thread headband disappears on your hair and looks like the crystal and pearl are simply set on your hairstyle.
Combs and hairpins dotted with Crystal, pearls and fabric flowers can perfectly decorate your prom night.
Make sure you try on your jewelry with your clothes before the big night to make sure you get the effect you want.
In most cases, less is more.
You may want to remember an old rule.
When paired with a dress on a special occasion, wear all the jewelry and accessories you plan to wear and then take off one and you will have the perfect look.
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