queen baits gaffe-prone bush - necklace with earrings

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-13
queen baits gaffe-prone bush  -  necklace with earrings
Queen Elizabeth showed off a bit of royal wisdom to President George w. Bush today and retaliated against him a day ago for his faux pas, which almost penalized her in the 18 th century.
The monarch, with a playful smile, saluted the president and said, "I wonder if I should start toasting from saying 'I am here on 1776. . .
"104 guests invited to the black Hotel
At the home of British ambassador David Manning, there was laughter and laughter.
Bush laughed and the Queen laughed happily before continuing her text.
"I can't surpass that, Your Majesty," Bush responded at the beginning of the toast.
The president is no stranger to the occasional language loss, but barely stopped before dating the Queen to 1776 on Monday.
"You helped our country celebrate the double century for 17 years ---
On 1976, "Bush said at a White House ceremony, referring to the Queen's long history of dealing with successive US governments.
Today's dinner is the last official event of the last day of six people.
The Queen and Prince Philip made a one-day state visit, including a ceremony in Jamestown, Virginia, to mark 400 anniversary of the British settlement in the Kentucky Derby.
During the event, the Queen wore a gold lace cocktail dress and a Brazilian aquamarine and diamond necklace with earrings.
The Queen said she was pleased to have the opportunity to give a detailed account of the history and friendship between the United States and the United Kingdom and thanked the Americans for their warm welcome.
"I would also like to take this opportunity, on the day the Northern Ireland government officially handed over power, to say:" Thank you and your predecessor for your contribution to achieving peace in Northern Ireland . " She noted that the United States has played a role in reaching a historic peace agreement.
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