queen mother's legacy a fortune in art, jewellery - silver necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-05
queen mother\'s legacy a fortune in art, jewellery  -  silver necklace and earring set
The Queen's mother has never owned a lot of property, but she has left a lot of assets --
Her art collection, porcelain, silverware and jewelry.
Her catalogue of paintings is estimated to be worth $97 m, including Monet's rock research: Flint, mural, which was painted in 1889.
She bought this for £ 1940, but now it's probably worth more than $40.
It is said that the Queen's mother has a good eye for art and has been very picky in the past, although the price of the past 20 years is too high for her budget.
She also inherited a painting by Florence's master, Raffaellino del Garbo, of Madonna and St. John's children, worth nearly $ a1. 35 million.
Her jewelry is said to be worth more than $43.
Diamond headwear with flower patterns-
Wedding gift from her father Earl Strathmore
May be worth more than $ a1. 2 million.
But the most valuable thing in the collection is probably diamonds. and-
Pearl necklace worth up to $ a5. 4 million.
The Queen is likely to inherit this incredible collection.
As a sitting monarch, she is exempt from inheritance tax when receiving these items from her mother.
The Queen's mother's collection of Chelsea porcelain, silverware, clocks and furniture could be worth another $40.
In 1994, the Queen was in her 90 s and is believed to have set up a $51 m fund for her cash assets to benefit her greatness --grandchildren.
If she lived for seven years, it was a recognized method of avoiding inheritance tax, and she succeeded in doing so.
When she lived in five houses, she owned only one of them, the Mayi Castle, near John ogroz, a remote area of northern Scotland. In 1952, she bought the book with the money her husband left her.
The old castle is very close to the abandoned castle, but she has faithfully repaired it.
At 1996, she set up a May trust fund for Queen Elizabeth Castle to take care of the house, its 730-
Hectares of Manor, the champions of Aberdeen anglesboro and the northern country of chiveott sheep.
The main purpose of the trust fund administered by Prince Charles is to benefit the local community and the economy.
The Queen's mother paid the Trust rent when she lived in her "safe haven of the world.
Last year, she said she wanted the property to be open to the public.
Located on the edge of Pentland Firth, the castle is walled and secluded, and is the favorite port of call for royal family members during the summer vacation.
Her other home.
Clarence House, Royal Cottage in Windsor Grand Park, Birkhall cottage in Balmoral and apartments in Kent Wolmer Castle
Provided by the state or Queen.
Her horse racing brings her more happiness than economic benefits.
The first love trained by Nikki Henderson became the queen's mother's 46-year-old first and last winner in more than 50 years, when it won the championship in Sang Dang Park in March 8.
The Queen's mother's last race was to watch the same race in Sandown on December 7.
She trained 10 horses at the time of her death.
Her racing manager, Sir Michael Oswald, said it was too early to discuss their future. -
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