rare blue diamond sets record at auction - jewellery set sale

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-31
rare blue diamond sets record at auction  -  jewellery set sale
An extremely rare blue diamond was sold for $9.
The £ 5 million auction in London set a world record for the price per carat. The fancy deep-
Blue diamond weighing 5.
At the Bonhams premium jewellery auction in central London, 30 karat of the price hit a record high.
8 million per carat, breaking the previous record of $1. 68 million.
The gem, purchased by International Diamond House Graf diamond, attracted bids from auction rooms and around the world through 25 telephone lines and was smashed before the auction
The auction is estimated at $2. 22 million.
Diamonds are set on a long ring made by Italian jeweler Bulgari, about 1965.
"We are happy with the price of it," said Jean Ghika, director of jewelry at Bonhams . ".
"This is a sensational stone that attracts everyone who watches it before it is sold," MS Ghika said . ".
"Blue Diamonds, especially those over 5 karat, are very rare in the market and continue to be highly sought after --after.
We are honored to handle the sale of such a unique gem.
"Blue diamonds are rarely listed and have been sought after by royalty and celebrities for centuries.
The most famous example is the Hope Diamond bought by French King Louis XIV in the 17 th century. The 45. 52-
Carat gems, stolen from the Crown by thieves during the French Revolution, are now on display at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D. C.
Diamonds set in a mountain
Settings and glory-
Cutting diamonds and courses in French breadcut diamonds.
The word "fancy" is used to describe diamonds with strong colors.
This blue color is made of a small amount of boron impurities in the diamond.
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