reigning on her parade - crystal necklace set

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reigning on her parade  -  crystal necklace set
Britain's Elizabeth II wore her pearls and looked at every point the Queen's cousins had always wanted to seeand-
Tonight, at President Reagan's dinner for her, Diamond headdresses and matching jewels rule her.
"I knew before I came, we exported a lot of traditions to the United States . "
After dinner, everyone sat around to toast.
"Before that, I didn't realize that the weather was one of them.
Prince Philip and Nancy Reagan watched from a table that included British foreign secretary Francis Pimm and Secretary of State George Schulz, and the Queen assured her master that her visit was "spectacular, and achieved long-term-
I have always had the ambition to travel to California and the West Coast.
What better time than when the president is from California?
"Earlier, the Queen received a rain check for a return visit after some of the California schedules were canceled this week.
"I have told them that I hope they will come back," first lady Nancy Reagan told her press secretary Sheila Tate . ".
"We will give them a real rain check.
President Reagan reminded his guests in his toast to the British monarch that San Francisco was the background of the United Nations.
"Unfortunately, the subsequent events continue to test our values and ideals," he said . ".
"We have seen ongoing wars, terrorism and human oppression in many parts of the world.
"We face the challenge of limiting and reducing the destructive power of nuclear weapons;
However, in the face of the massive military build-up of our opponents, we must maintain our strength.
The president and first lady welcomed the Queen and Prince Philip to the handsome lady. H.
Shortly after 8: 00, de Young Memorial Museum in Golden Gate Parkm. , while three-
5,000 to 6,000 miles away, demonstrators protested from British rule over Northern Ireland to the involvement of the United States in El Salvador, to unemployment, the elderly and other social problems.
Although the slogan "Ireland represents Ireland" appeared and protested the British presence in the Falkland Islands, most of the slogans were directed at President Reagan.
But earlier today, at the Queen's welcome reception, Simo Sweeney, the chairman of Northern Ireland's aid organization, stood up and shouted, "stop torture, just as the actor and singer Mary Martin prepare for entertainment.
"I was so excited when I came on stage, and then the guy was yelling and I lost all my courage," Martin said tonight . ".
"My nerves came back when they all stood up.
Tonight, the Reagans took a photo with the royal couple, and the Queen finally laughed only after the photographer took the photo.
She drank champagne.
Tan color taffetta dressand-
Gold sleeves decorated with bows.
This is a tenacious design.
Her headwear is reportedly one of the 20 pieces she has.
Nancy Reagan wore emerald-green silk satin crepes with Dollman sleeves embroidered with crystal mirrors.
The dress was garanos and a crystal necklace from Tess shorom added a sparkling accent.
Dinner was at the Hearst Court, but guests first gathered at a cocktail party at the Deyang Asian Art Museum, asking guests not to smoke, and the person ordering wine had no choice but white to avoid damage to the carpet.
According to Washington, an exclusive VIP reception was held, with Cabinet officials, senior White House aides and Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker and secondtier reception.
Among the 260 guests, including the governor, there are famous California people.
Republican Senator George Deukmejian.
Earlier in the day, Pete Wilson and the Queen's hosts traveled to Silicon Valley, head of Stanford University presidents Donald Kennedy and HP.
Packard electronics company of David Packard
On behalf of the president, Packard gave the Queen a computer during her visit to Cupertino.
He said that she could follow her horse race on it, and there was no doubt that there were items that involved her property that could be entered into it.
Tobin Armstrong congratulated him: "You explained it very well to them . ".
Pacard said with a smile that the royal couple were very interested in the computer they demonstrated for them, "it's hard for us to keep them away from the computer.
San Francisco Mayor Diane Feinstein said she would not try to discuss Northern Ireland with the Queen, contrary to what she told Irish supporters earlier.
"I don't think it's appropriate and I don't intend to do anything that violates the agreement," she said . ".
In the dining room with the Queen. -
They are not eligible to play as hosts except Reagans and their official party--
Walter and Lee Annenberg may have won.
They are on the guest list for tonight, with a total of three dinners and a lunch this week.
Pete Wilson is a cool runner.
In the 20 th century, he attended the Queen's ship dinner in San Diego.
Fox was a senior member of the Senate tonight at a dinner in Hollywood, and California's senior Senator Alan Cranston did not show up.
A number of others include John Treasury Secretary, Alistair Cook, Joe DiMaggio, Douglas Fairbanks.
David Frost, Ted Grabel, Billy Graham, Ted Copel, Willie Meis, Joe Montana, cartoonist Charles Schulz and coach Bill, 49 ·
There is evidence of regional politics on the guest list, including Robert Naylor, leader of the minority party in the State Council. "I finally one-
General Assembly spokesman Willie Brown spoke.
"When the Queen comes to the Capitol tomorrow, he won't allow me to escort her," Naylor said . ".
In her toast at tonight's dinner, the Queen announced that Britain "is very grateful to the United States for its tireless contribution to maintaining the Western Union. . .
"Friendship must be reiterated publicly from time to time.
My visit gave me the opportunity to reaffirm the feelings that exist between our common ideals and our people. . .
"The event was an official dinner, not a state dinner.
The White House quoted the State Department's concierge office as saying that the state banquet was defined as a state banquet held in the United States when conducting state affairs with its visitors.
"She doesn't run a national business here," Tate said . ".
"No talks were held during her visit.
"On Friday, the Queen plans to return Reagans for dinner on the 31 th anniversary wedding Memorial daily boat.
"What else can you ask for on your 31st anniversary, not on a royal yacht with Queen Elizabeth? " Mrs.
Reagan told Tate
She told her press secretary that she slept "very well" that night"-Tuesday--
At the invitation of the Queen, she boarded the Royal Yacht.
She said she did not hear anything about the raging storms around yachts moored in the Port of Long Beach.
Wednesday morning, madam.
Reagan visited the yacht and drank coffee with the crew.
"It's too clean and you can eat on the floor of the cabin," she told Tate . ".
Today, the Queen held a wonderful performance at the Davis Symphony Hall in the Civic Center of San Francisco.
Mayor Feinstein presided over the visit, but eight of the 11 supervisors in San Francisco stayed to protest the $2 million visit.
Feinstein said to Elizabeth, "you said you didn't come to conquer the territory . " Mention the Queen's speech in Los Angeles about how Sir Francis Drake announced that California has another Queen Elizabeth.
"We are so happy that you are here to conquer the mind, and I think you will.
From Mary Martin and Tony Bennett to the University of California Marching Band, the San Francisco Youth Symphony Orchestra, thousands of actors attended the salute, A Chinese girl's drum and bell ring and the actor of "Beach Blanket Babylon.
Prince Philip clapped a song with his fingertips. when Bennett sang "I Left My Heart in San Francisco", Philip seemed to be saying something.
The Queen's first lips
On Parting, a performer wore a huge hat full of British landmarks, including photos of the Tower of London, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the royal family.
In this part of the show, the Prince told the producer of the Beach Blanket Babylon, Steve Silver, that it would be an international event if that thing fell.
"Before dinner tonight, the Queen's official sommelier checked five
Set meal for lobster terrine, with golden caviar, pheasant meat, egg roll for foie gras, beef loin meat, and creamy sauce, and an opportunity called Aurora Pasifika specially created for Germany
The 29-year-old chef was born.
Food experts estimate that the State Department is charging $70 a plate for meals.
Other production costs are borne by San Francisco companies and individuals, the White House said.
The guest list is more than double the size of the White House dinner.
Singer of the San Francisco Opera House and member of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Andrew melce, entertained after dinner.
Here is the invitation to the formal dinner last night between the president and his wife.
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's Reagan: British Foreign Secretary Francis Pimm and his wife.
Mr. Oliver Wright, British ambassador to the United States, and Mrs. Wright, Duchess of Grafton, mistress of Mrs. Robles Susan Herseyin-
Waiting for Sir Philip Moore Robert Filos, assistant private secretary to Queen Elizabeth IIMichael Shea, press secretary to Queen Elizabeth IIMichael Captain Norman BlackRock, Queen Elizabeth
Royal yacht Deputy Marshal John Severn, captain and wife of the Queen's consul general for flight, Paul Green.
John bivinkurt Herbert Adler, honorary director general, San Francisco Opera House, Nancy Adler John David Alexander, American secretary, Rhodes Scholarship Trust, Catherine Alexander
Annenberg, former president of the United StatesS.
Ambassador to the UK and former head of protocol Leon Annenberg
Bank of America President amastor and former Bank of America president Mary Jane amakastan ArmstrongS.
British Ambassador to the UK and Tobin ArmstrongHoward H. Baker Jr. (R-Tenn. )and Joy Baker. James A.
Chief of staff and assistant to the president, Baker III and Susan Baker. Stephen D. Bechtel Jr.
Chairman of Baker Group, and Mrs.
David Beckham Richard Beston, London Daily correspondent, professor at Stanford University, Nobel Prize winner Paul Berg and Benjamin F.
Biaggini, chairman of South Pacific
And Anne bigny Shirley Temple Black, former Minister of the concierge, as well as Charles Alden Black Roger Boas, chief executive officer of San Francisco and the county, and Nancy Bo, assistant secretary of state for European affairs, Ford Motor chairman Caldwell
CaldwellW, Bercy.
Glen Campbell and Rita Ricardo Campbell, Hoover Institute, Stanford University
Principal, NBC News, and Thomas W. Barbara checlin and Jean checlin, St. Francis.
The Chinese Society of culture and Daisy Chin William P.
Clark, assistant to the president's national security affairs, Joan clarestel, Jane Cook amory, and Phoebe Cook, Woodside, California
Sheldon and Betty Cooper, director and chief curator of San Francisco's Asian Art Museum and Avery Brenda collection, and San Francisco's Francis covicente and Elizabeth and Mrs.
Davis, Woodside, California. Michael K.
Deputy director and assistant to the General Office of the president, difer and California Governor Carolyn difer George dikumjane and Little Gloria dikumacho digggio Fairbanks
San Francisco Mayor Mary Lee Fairbanks Feinstein and Richard blumaran C.
President of South Pacific, and Mrs. FurthR.
Charles Ali Foster, Francis Jr.
Professor and Nobel Prize winner Hannah Foster Milton Friedman and Rose Friedman David Frost sell galaueand Mrs.
Getty, director of Getty Petroleum, Ann Getty Richard N.
Goldman, former president of the Jewish Community Federation, Roda Goldman Charles and Margaret Gould
Billy Graham and Ruth Graham waterHaas Jr.
Chairman of the executive committee of Levi Strauss
The chairman of the Executive Committee of the American retail federation, Evelyn hasbent Cobb Hale, and Dennis harrehad and Charlotte Hamm of San Francisco.
Homer Hargrave and Paul Magino in Templeton, California
Ralph Harris of Reuters and Ina Harris Jessica Hart, trusteeM.
Memorial museum of youth
Hart, chairman of the Marshall Scholarship Board for the Pacific region, director of the Bank Croft Library at the University of California, and daughter Carol Field James R.
Harvey, president of Pan Am
And Beverly Hills Randolph.
Hearst chairman of Hearst Company
Maria hirland, president of Ampco Foods Inc. and Maria Hogland
And Betty humei, George F. Jewett Jr.
The vice chairman of the company.
And Lucille gervette, Steven P.
Steve Jobs, chairman of Apple Computer Company
Atariya Makarova and Edward carraymond Cassar, president of AtariGeorge M.
Keller, chairman of Standard Petroleum
University of California, University of Adelaide, president of Stanford University, Donald Kennedy, president of the San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts, Barbara Kennedy, Robert Kerr, Ronald Kingsley, San Rosa, Sue Kingsley ABC news, grace Anne Copperwood Kingman, executive vice president, Pell, St. Francis and little Crocker National Bank
The publisher of Lane Publishing.
And Donna Jean landendison Lewis.
John Joseph loshivo, president of the University of San FranciscoLouis Jr. , U. S.
British Ambassador to the UK, Lukashenko Jr. , George Louis
President of the new Coalition for Economic and Social Change and Cerella LucasRobert.
The owner of the San Francisco Giants, Lori and California Senator Connie lulimelton Mark and his wife
The chairman of MarksRichard boasted the banquet company.
And St. Francis City A and County honorary director of the concierge Joan maging
Chairman of Magowan, Safeway supermarket convenience store.
And Jill margovennell.
Michael, chairman of Kaiser Aluminum chemical
Charlotte maleyard, deputy head of protocol, City and County of St. Francis. Martin Jr.
There are also Nini Martin, Hillsborough Mary Martin, grandson Preston Hagman Willie, may mespett and Aletta MCBI, Hillsborough
McEwan, general manager of the San Francisco Opera House, Rudy MacDonald, female member of the Republican National Committee of California, Daily Mail James and Anne McWilliams, Edwin Mercer III, San Francisco, presidential adviser,
Miller, president of the San Francisco Opera House, Ann Miller Joe Montana Joseph A of the San Francisco 49ers. Moore Jr.
Moore Dry Dock Co. , Ltd. , and Mrs.
Nelle MooreGloria MorganRobert and Kay, Menlo ParkWendy Nade San Francisco board SupervisorsEnid Nemy, The New York Times, and S.
HP chairman Ralph kohern John OsmanPackard Co.
And Lucile PackardSirWorld-Hong Kong-
Chairman of Crocker National Corporation, John square Guangyun Group, Hong Kong
Catherine in pleasant in Del
Glen Allen burvey, California
Queen Elizabeth's cousin, the most pastorJohn R.
Quinn, finance minister Archbishop St. Francis Reagan and Ann Reagan Carl
Reichat, president, Wells Fargo, Patricia ReichardtDr. William Y.
Riyal, president of the American Medical Association, and Constance rifrank K.
California Supreme Court Assistant Judge Richardson and his wife.
Richard Paul F.
President and wife of San Francisco State University.
Concierge minister Robben Selva Roosevelt and Bob B. Roosevelt Jr.
Charles and William Jean Schulz
Seavey and his wife, chairman of the English League of San Francisco branch.
SeaveyJohn and Kathy Seigle in Foster, CaliforniaJ.
Gary Chambi, chief executive of Shaklee Corp.
Secretary of State Barbara Shansby George Schulz and producer Helena Shutz Steve SilverWilliam L.
Stuart III and John C.
Peters, Corte Madeira, California
John suchett, Independent TelevisionSullivan Jr.
And dagma Sullivan, St. Francis W. Thomas Jr.
GSA, Gretchen Thomas Henry and madrien Teleon, San rosbill Walsh, coach, team 49ers in San Francisco and Geri WalshDean.
Chairman Watkins-WatkinsJohnson Co. Inc.
There are also defense minister Bessie wokinspa Winberg and Jane Winberg mckebin White, curator of the de Young Memorial Museum, and Florence whitebreton will
President of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and chairman of the Asian Art Museum Judith Wilber.
Oakland Mayor Wilson and Dorothy WilsonPete Wilson (R-Calif. )Rep. Ed Zschau (R-Calif. )
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