retro workouts: let's get physical again - big jewelry

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-14
retro workouts: let\'s get physical again  -  big jewelry
NEW YORK (Reuters Life! )-
Maybe it's something that goes back to the future.
In 1980s, the age of big hair, big shoulders, big jewelry and flashy, seemed to have inspired the recent boom --to-Basic fitness-retro workouts.
"Everyone loves the feeling of nostalgia and it's sweating at the same time," says Carol Johnson, a professor of vintage style.
Robics, a warm old man to choose from
Aerobics classes in New York City.
Johnson, a group fitness coordinator at the Crunch fitness chain, conceived retro sports
Robics is a "tribute" to the wet, shiny decade that gave us Jennifer Bay"
Olivia Newton dancing
John's fitness headband is a must.
Fashion accessories
"Wearing old clothes
"Fashion cardio clothing is all the rage," Johnson said . ".
"Jane Fonda's costume is a signature;
Richard Simmons is an idol.
"For high-
From a heart-beating cardio mix to Michael Jackson, disco, Morton, and Madonna, intensity cardio also goes back to everything.
"This class is eternal," she said . "
"Good for heart, spirit and wallet.
"In fact, the recession may help stimulate the current desire for everything --tech fitness.
"The idea of retro is not so much to reverse the clock as to return to basic calligraphy --
Type of exercise and stay away from technology, "said Cedric Bryant, spokesman for the American Sports Commission.
"You can do very effective training with cheap basic tools.
"Rob Piera, Rob's personal training manager, also agreed.
"The body always works in the same three motion planes: the vector, the frontal, and the horizontal.
"Any of these trends have emerged, just to re-invent to keep people's interests at their peak," he explained . ".
Keeping the best of interest is the guiding principle of Eric cassabri, an entrepreneur who incorporates his love for all the post-80 s into the health club's traceability chain.
Kasabri, 34, opened his first branch in 2004. The retro-
Since then, the theme franchise has grown to 50 centers across the country and plans to set up 300 centers within three years.
"I know how to attack my target audience --
Kasabri said at his company headquarters in the neck of Corte, New Jersey.
"Our generation of Xers likes the post-80 s," Casaburi said . ".
"I don't think we can design the colors, clothes and music of the post-80 s anymore.
He seems to think this is a bad thing.
The fitness gym, which averages about 11,000 feet kilometers, is decorated in high places. gloss retro-
Black 50 s "dinner" decorand-
White checkered floors and lots of red, yellow and stainless steel.
"The decoration in the 80 s, the decoration in the 50 s, we will flash something," Casaburi explains . ".
While the "retro" members at the gym are watching their beloved 80 s movies (such as "Sixteen Candles" and "days off at Ferris Borough, LCD TV Display on treadmill and 21st century.
Each club contains states worth about $400,000-of-the-
Art equipment, even if the music was blown from past heavy metal bands such as poison, the passion of casabri and Def thanpard.
"Let's face it," Casaburi said . ". “Gyms suck.
You're going to sweat. you're in pain.
The more interference we make, the better.
Although the cost per month is very low, only $19.
95 double praise worthy of the company
Kaisabri's taste in music has grown a lot. there is no denying that his business model is meticulous.
"I have done a lot of research," he said . "
"I know that there is a retro every 30 years, so I think: retro.
You have to make it happen.
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