rhinestones - woman's next best friend - wedding jewelry sets for brides

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-15
rhinestones - woman\'s next best friend  -  wedding jewelry sets for brides
If the diamond is the best friend for women, then the diamond can also be the next best friend for women.
For those who can't afford to buy expensive diamond jewelry, it may be possible to consider buying artificial diamond clothing jewelry.
The brilliance of a man-made diamond can make you an attractive center, probably at your wedding, party, dance and beauty pageant.
Artificial diamonds are colorless or colored artificial gems that simulate diamonds and other gems.
They can be made of glass or paste, but the best rhinestones are cut with quartz crystals.
The Rhine has a fused metal backing that reflects light and sets the stone on fire, the original "Rhine stone" from the Rhine ". These Rhine-
The Stone gave way to mass.
Production of glass rhinestones.
Most use gold, silver or colored foil or tin as the background to simulate the dazzling color of the gem.
Exquisite rhinestones are handmade
Surface and polishing, many of which are handmade
Inside the tip.
Non-foiled rhinestones usually contain a high amount of lead, which can cause fire and sparks.
These are called crystals.
Austria and the former Czech Republic are known for their crystal.
Sometimes the Rhine is called a diamond or a crystal, but what is the difference between the Rhine and the diamond?
This is a straight answer, not at all!
It's just a different "name" for the same product ".
Most brides like to wear artificial diamond jewelry on the wedding day, and the brilliance of artificial diamonds can match the real diamonds.
Most importantly, their cost is much lower.
However, buyers should be aware that some sellers may use the rhinestones as a cheaper source of diamonds!
Generally speaking, the higher the level, the brighter they will be.
The actual cut of the stone is not obvious in the distance, but it affects the brilliance, and the cut is combined with the overall quality and usually determines the price.
Most artificial diamonds are made in Austria and the Czech Republic.
Their differences are small. Austria and the Czech Republic have created eight facetted (Art 2000)
But the Swarovski stone in Austria is much better.
However, with the advancement of technology, the best quality stones produced in Czech Republic are almost no different from those produced by Swarovski, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce due to their price structure.
There are many different colors in the rhinestones series.
However, the most popular color is the original transparent color.
Since it can simply match any style of clothing, you can wear them on formal and semi-formal occasions.
AB rhinestones/crystals (strong blue and red rhinestones have always been popular in the industry)Northern Lights)
The bride also likes it because it has a rainbow-
Like the effect of the basic stone color, the basic color may be slightly reduced.
The most common thing about this effect is the crystal stone.
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