- ruby necklace set

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  -  ruby necklace set
Like many people, Zamira Hajiyeva often goes to a nearby store from her home in London to buy something, including gems
Inlaid jewelry and wine cellar
Full of wine.
Hajiyeva's local store is Harrods department store, where British investigators say she spent £ 16 million ($21 million)
Over the past decade, she has used 35 credit cards issued by a bank led by her husband.
The British National Crime Agency wants to know where hajieva got the money to fund her Harrods shopping spree and buy two US Treasury bills. K.
Property worth £ 22 million ($29 million).
She was also the subject of a separate investigation by her native Azerbaijan, where her husband, former head of the Azerbaijan International Bank, Jahangir hajiev, was sentenced on 2016 to 15 years in prison for fraud and embezzlement.
On Thursday, a British judge released Hajiyeva on bail while arguing with Azerbaijan over allegations of embezzlement.
55-year-old Hajiyeva was the first to be affected by an unexplained wealth order, a measure introduced by the United StatesK.
Earlier this year, to curb London's status as a shelter for disease,gotten gains.
These orders allow the authorities to confiscate assets from persons suspected of corruption or linked to organized crime until the owners state how to obtain them.
At this year's court hearing, a lawyer at the National Criminal Agency detailed Hajiyeva's spending at Harrods, including £ 100,000 pounds in a day to buy Cartier jewelry, on another trip, the luxury brand Boucheron is priced at £ 150,000 pounds and the wine is priced at £ 1,800 pounds.
Last week, agencies investigating cross-trades
Border and organized criminal organizations seized 49 pieces of jewelry worth £ 400,000 pounds from Christie's, and the daughter of Hajiyeva took them for valuation.
The items include a Boucheron sapphire and ruby necklace worth up to £ 120,000 pounds, as well as a Van Cleef & Arpels pearl necklace worth £ 20,000 pounds, which investigators said was originally
Moritz, Switzerland, is more than 10 times the number.
Hajiyeva denies wrongdoing and is working to overturn the order and continue to hold her assets.
Her lawyer said that the wealth order "is part of the investigation process, not the criminal procedure, and does not involve the identification of any criminal offence.
"British police arrested Hajiyeva at the request of Azerbaijan, accusing him of embezzling public funds last week.
Azerbaijan's government lawyer Ben Keith said at a hearing in the British High Court on Thursday that Hajiyeva faced charges of "embezzling funds from Azerbaijan's international bank.
If she was released on bail, he said, there was "a good reason to believe that she would not surrender to the court ".
But Justice Jeremy Baker ruled that there was no "good reason" for refusing bail ".
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