san francisco shooting leaves 2 dead - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-07
san francisco shooting leaves 2 dead  -  the jewelry store
On Friday, two women were killed and a man was seriously injured in a shooting incident in San Francisco.
The shooting took place at a jewelry store in a large gift center and jewelry market in San Francisco.
Police said it was identified as 23-year-
Old Barry White, near Antioch, California, walked into the store and started firing a revolver.
When the police arrived, they walked into the store and found the victim.
The suspect shot the police and then fled to a restaurant where he fired more shots at the police.
The police followed him into the restaurant and he surrendered after he ran out of ammunition.
The police did not return fire.
Although there were no reports of a second suspect, the police locked the gift center and several businesses around it as they cleared the area. Several well-
Well-known technology companies, including Pinterest and Zynga, have set up headquarters in the region and were locked during the sweep.
Police say only one of the two women was shot dead.
The other one was killed with a knife found from the suspect.
The male victim was wounded with a gun and knife.
GIF Center & Jewelrymart is not open to the public.
This is a collection of jewelry wholesalers selling to other retailers in the region.
Only those who pass through the security station and are on the security list can enter the building.
It's not clear if White is on this list.
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