saudis lavish gifts on bush family - white gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-28
saudis lavish gifts on bush family  -  white gold necklace and earring set
Saudi Arabia's de facto leaders have squandered nearly dollars. $A185,000)
S. President George w. Bush and the fine jewelry on his wife, according to the document released today, children and senior aides in 2003, but last year's heaviest gift to the first family came in the form of hundreds of pounds of raw meat.
While the fine gadgets of Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz may have consolidated our position --
Amid tensions in Iraq, Argentina's 136 kg president, Nestor Kirchner, is likely to do more to resolve the Bush war --time appetites.
It's worth only $500 ($A2,140)--
Nearly less generous donations than the Crown Prince's $100 ---
Kirchner's meat can be said to be the most unusual gift the president received in 2003, according to the list of foreign leaders the State Department gives to senior U. S. officials every year.
On July, Kirchner proposed to Bush during his official visit to Washington, during which Kirchner received support from the United States for a new international loan program and the lamb was handed over according to the documents, it's probably distributed to a government cafeteria or charity.
Unfortunately, there is no record of what the actual meat has become, and there is no record of whether there is any connection between the meat and the sheep responsible for 214.
Kirchner and his wife also gave the Bush a dollar gray wool cloak during the visit.
According to American law, almost all gifts to the president and his senior aides-
From the most humble to the most luxurious--
It must be reported, either to the National Archives or to other agencies for display.
According to documents compiled by the State Department's concierge office and published in the Federal Register, single persons
The most valuable items received in 2003 were $500 ($A136,000)
Crown Prince Abdullah presented diamond and sapphire earrings, bracelets and necklaces to first lady Laura Bush.
Bush himself received a $8,500 mantel clock from the Prince "carefully detailed silver and gold vermeil", while the "first family" was listed as the recipient of two Bulgari necklaces, ring and earrings set.
Made of pearls, diamonds and black agate-
$8,000 and $8,500 respectively. -
The sets appear to be for the president and first lady's twin daughters Jenna and Barbara.
All the Prince's gifts-
Including two 1,500-
White House Chief of Staff Andrew cadard and national security advisor, dolliza Rice's $ gold and silver ceremonial dagger, 3,000-
Deputy to Rice, Stephen Dudley and 1,500-
Opening a letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell for US dollar ivory and gold--
According to the documents, the National Archives has been handed over.
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi--
One of Bush's most powerful European allies-
The gift is not lazy at all.
Show 74 pages to the department's records.
Berlusconi has given more than US dollars to the Bush family, rice, Cade and Defense Secretary Donald rensfeld ($A50,000)
According to the document, the value of the gift in 2003 was high.
This includes $1 us12, 000 ($A17,000)
Watches and $ US4, 500 ($A6,400)
The president's alabaster statue, $500 ($A10,700)
First Lady's silver and diamond necklace, $500 gold and diamond bracelet for rice, and $ US3 ($A4,300)
Pay attention to the card according to the file.
The most precious gift given to Bush in 2003 came from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who showed him an original watercolor portrait of 43 American presidents, these portraits are bound in a dollar-worth Red Velvet Book with precious gems ($A64,000), they show. -
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