set in stone - pearl set in gold

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-06
set in stone  -  pearl set in gold
Every piece of jewelry we make carefully
The designer, prethehy Gerald, tells a story.
Ring with diamonds, rubies and jadestudded lotus;
A pair of diamond-studded earrings in the cloud, decorated with purple crystals and gold, and two hanging pearls;
A heavy gold necklace depicts the grand parade of Shiva and his family to bless the new Shiva --wed couple.
The designer first traveled to Nagercoil and Tuticorin to show her bridal collection in madulai.
It was a special trip as she customized a bridal necklace for her wedding next month in Nagercoil.
She called the 250 gm necklace "grand charm ".
Although the pendant is the shape of a chariot in which Shiva and pavassi sit with Ganesha and Karthik, but the long chain depicts his decorated horse drums, flowers and other offerings to decorate elephants in Annan, Peacock, etc.
Rich in detail, theme-
Crafted in a variety of colors and cut gems.
Preethy is excited about her masterpiece, and her masterpiece has found many admirers and even buyers in madulai.
At her city exhibition, Preethy patiently explained to the visitors how she created each piece.
A gold belt weighing 205 is another swan.
It features a beautifully carved spirit.
Preethy said that, strongly influenced by nature and temple buildings, she first drew these designs on paper.
"I give these designs life through the final products of gold, diamonds, pearls and a range of gems.
She created a series of modern and traditional jewelry.
Preethy was trained in software design and animation and came to the United States from Mumbai after getting married.
It was then that she began to try to make jewelry.
The Gem and Jewelry Design course further helps her understand the complexity of the precious metal.
"Women like to have a fine piece of jewelry that is designed exclusively," she said . ".
Although the initial order was mainly from friends and family, her business has now reached a happy place.
"My mind is full of designs, and I keep packing stories in every ornament," Preethy said . ".
Her design demonstrates her efforts to create each piece, whether it's a necklace, a stud, a ring, a bracelet or a belt.
"I draw inspiration from everything. . .
"A small branch goes to raindrops or clouds," she said . ".
She worked with Tuticorin's pearl diver to make earrings with uncultivated pearls.
"The it market is growing," she said . ".
Preethy called her line Stardust (
Diamond jewelry), Paradise (gem stones)
Made for Each Other (
Golden bridal collection).
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