sharobeem's icac jewellery gift claims rejected by ministers - gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-02
sharobeem\'s icac jewellery gift claims rejected by ministers  -  gold necklace and earring set
According to a Sydney corruption investigation report, former Australian state finalist Eman Sharobeem used a charity fund to buy gifts for federal and state politicians.
On Thursday, sharobe told the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission that she used money from the immigration Women's Health Service to pay gifts worth $12,500 to customers and politicians.
She said that she is the new state minister, Victor Dominello and Pru Goward, as well as the federal minister, Michael Kash, Marys Payne, and conkeita ferravanti. Wells.
Sharobeem was accused of being in charge of two publicly funded medical services in Sydney to pay for personal holidays, jewelry and luxury goods when she copied more than millions of dollars.
Mr. Dominello denied accepting the gift in a statement.
"I remember someone giving me a watch, but I absolutely refused to accept the gift.
I don't remember getting ties or other gifts.
A statement from the cash office of MS also denied the claim.
"Minister Kash has never received a gift from the MS of sarobé.
Although MS Gordon admitted she was a gift from a former CEO.
In a statement, Goward said: "I remember the gifts were symbolic, under the disclosure threshold . " MS.
A statement from Penn MS said: "Any allegation that Minister Payne received such a gift from MS salobe is totally wrong.
A statement by Senator Fierravanti
Wells said her allegation that she "received a gift of this nature from CEO emann shalobbe" was completely wrong.
Sharobeem said at a hearing on Thursday that any jewelry receipts charged to the health services for immigrant women were part of the normal business and that it was by accident if she approved her personal fees.
"I'm helping others," she said . "
Sharobeem is often visibly frustrated when asking and says the person asking is wrong.
"Who do you think I am, a rich man I can't even afford a lawyer," she said . ".
Several receipts were presented to Sharobeem, which were submitted as fees for charities.
The top of the receipt that usually shows the business name has been cut off.
A total of $18-$20,000 invoice found from the eternal jeweler
Diamond necklaces and earrings.
The top of the credit card receipt is only bound on it.
Another invoice without a credit card receipt shows the purchase of a gold diamond ring worth $8000.
Sharobeem denied that she had taken only the staple food.
"Would it be so stupid for me to leave like this," Sharobeem told investigators . ".
She said she would simply empty the bag to the table and rely on her assistant to sort out which expenses are personal and which are charity.
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