simmons & koga. - blue and gold jewelry

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simmons & koga.  -  blue and gold jewelry
Mr. and Mrs.
William Edwin Simmons III announced that their daughter, Vaughan O'Reilly Atkinson Simmons, was married to a doctor.
Dr. Marius SebastianFlaminius he Royal Society of Art, member of the Royal Geographic Society, Charlottsville, Virginia, for electronic reverse auction.
The wedding was held on Saturday, January 12, 2013. 1 point, at St Stephen's Church in Colombia, presided over by his Orthodox Bishop Nicola of theRomanian in the Americas, for a special visit caused by marriage.
The bride is the granddaughter of the late doctor.
William Edwin Simmons and his wife
Elizabeth bicham Simmons of the University of Columbia and the late Mr. and Mrs.
William Samuel Atkinson of Pickens
Miss Simmons graduated from Columbia High School in 2008 and completed her studies at the University of Mississippi, Oxford.
Major in political science.
She is a member of Delta DeltaDelta fraternity and is presented by Mississippi's debut club.
She was the top 10 at the University of Mississippi beauty parade in 2011.
In 2011, she was the warm-hearted miss of Marion County, who was Miss Mississippi's finalist. The groom is the son of the doctor. and Mrs.
Marius Patrick cuga, Sacramento, California, and timisola, Romania. Dr.
Koga ended his internship in neurosurgery at the University of Virginia in 2012 and did a Vascular Study in Christchurch, New Zealand.
He received his doctorate in medicine from Durham University in 2006 and is currently pursuing another postgraduate degree at Oxford University.
As an undergraduate, he is at the University of California, Davis and the University of Cambridge (UK).
He is also a mountaineer and a researcher at the Royal Institute of Geography, who served as a medical officer in many of Everest's climbing in 2003. Dr.
Koga is also a member of the Royal Asian association and was introduced to the Japanese royal family.
The couple first met in 2005 through the New Orleans Polo Club and the bride's father was an active player.
In part of the courtship beganin 2011, April 23, 2012.
On 2012, two presentations were held at the University of Virginia teachers' club --
At the colonel's house. and Mrs.
Richard Jordan in Colombia
200 guests from the United States, Canada, Romania, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and New Zealand attended the wedding.
Stephen's bishop's church is converted into an Orthodox Church through the generosity of the host and the sacred objects rented by Archimandrite Maximos of St. Trinity Cathedral in New Orleans.
There was a black man before the wedding.
The groom's parents held a tie rehearsal dinner in the 12-night room at the Antoine restaurant in New Orleans.
On the morning of the wedding, the couple attended the sacred liturgy and received the Eucharist.
The marriage was announced by his bishop Nicolai after the ancient tradition of the Orthodox Church.
His outstanding position was helped by Rev. Fr.
Vasily Murray and Rev in Chicago. Dr.
Harold Roberts of Stephen
The ceremony lasted 1.
5 hours including exchange of rings, Coronation, letters and Gospel reading.
He is a legitimate sponsor. and Mrs.
Christian Tobescu, bracharest fever
The bride was brought to church by horse-
The groom was pulled away under the escort of his father, with the horse on his back and accompanied by a friend.
The bride was given by her father. WilliamSimmons.
Her sisters, Miss Johana Simmons and Mrs.
Chad Bolles is a bridesmaid.
The bride wore a French ivory dress. line chapel-
Length point alencon lace gown designed by Yvonne La Fleur in New Orleans with fan-shaped sleeves and neckline.
The veil is the length of the silk church with a fan-shaped edge.
She is wearing sapphire blue Mariolo Blahnik shoes, and her jewelry includes sapphire and golden Jerusalem cross pendant from the groom's parents, as well as pearl earrings from the groom.
Her bouquet is white and consists of hydrangea, lily of the valley, gardenia, freesias, and a kite.
The groom is dressed in a traditional morning dress by Ede & Ravenscroft tailor in London, with a black tail, cashmere striped trousers and a gray wool vest.
The gentleman attended his meeting.
Richard Oster ofMarlow (UK)
David St. -as best man
Jacques of Montreal is the usher, and James Boles of Colombia is the usher.
The groomsmen and fathers were also dressed up.
The men's restaurant is Lily in the garden and valley.
The bride's mother is wearing a bronze dubioni silk tea.
This dress features a length design that matches the bolero jacket, and the Crown is designed after using pearls and Orthodox button crosses on the groom's coat crown.
There is a circle of Australian Obba cats on the bride's crown.
The blue sapphire and ruby of the groom alternate.
After the ceremony, the bride's parents hosted a receptionist in their home, the former residence of long Hugh White, Mississippi, in the sunken garden.
The wedding continued in the house, and the cake was made by the C'est la Vie Bakery in Hattiesburg.
The wedding cake consists of three layers of Dammam with cream icing on white roses.
The groom's cake is a green tea chocolate cake decorated with matcha powder.
After the wedding, the couple began a nine-month honeymoon, starting in Venice.
They visited friends and family in Italy, the UK and Japan, spent some time on Romanian properties, and visited Germany, Belgium, France, Qatar and konstantinnor.
The newlyweds moved to Biloxi in October 20. Mrs.
Koga was invited to join Dames during the American colonial period, Chapter XV, who is studying for a graduate degree at the school of Christian Studies, University of Cambridge, UK
Koga is joining the neurosurgery practice of the singing river health system.
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