slain vic grandma's jewellery missing - gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-02
slain vic grandma\'s jewellery missing  -  gold necklace and earring set
A unique gold ring could lead to clues about a killer killed inside a Melbourne grandmother
City apartments, police say.
Jeanette Moss, 69, was found dead at her home in Central Park. 45am (AEDT)on January 15.
Police revealed that her upper body was injured but still had no suspects or motives for the death.
Senior police officer Stephen McIntyre told reporters on Saturday that MS Moss was believed to have died the afternoon before because some calls were unanswered.
In recent weeks, police have also found four pieces of jewelry missing, including gold rings, necklaces and watches.
Sen Sgt McIntyre said Moss is likely to know the killer MS.
He said the family was not a suspect at this time.
"She had a quarrel with someone.
"There is no indication that she is fighting back," he said . ".
The police cannot deny that it was a robbery with a gun.
Mcsen Sgt McIntyre said, but there are other valuables in the House that have not been taken away.
He begged anyone who had lost information about the jewelry to come forward.
"The signet ring is very unique, with a gold ring engraved with a green or jade, with a badge from the Ferguson family," he said . ".
A neighbor found MS Moss, who was going to take her to the doctor, but, when she never showed up, she opened the door of the apartment with a key and found her body.
Before her death, Moss MS was shopping on her 1997 green BMW on Bay Street in the Port of Melbourne area.
The widow, who had four grandchildren, was admitted to the ointment. the doctor only wanted her to live for another 18 months.
Anyone with information is urged to contact 333 of the Crime Stoppers in 1800.
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