some cemeteries are so dead interesting - necklace earring set

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some cemeteries are so dead interesting  -  necklace earring set
Some people in the historical cemetery will be creepy when they see or even think of the cemetery.
However, I found them very interesting.
Not only in history, but because these places can inspire people to think deeply about life, and what it may really mean.
The cross bone is an abandoned back in Southern London.
The cemetery established in the Middle Ages for "single women" is a euphemism for prostitutes.
The women were buried in the undedicated land.
According to an 1598 Survey by antique scholar John Stowe of London, "as long as these single women continue this sinful life, they are banned from attending church ceremonies and excluded from Christian funerals ".
Photo source: the cemetery of the Flickr Loz flowthe was closed in 1853 when it was considered "completely washed up by death ".
On 1883, the land was sold as a construction site, but Lord Brabazon pleaded in a letter to The Times to save the land from "this blasphemy.
"The police officer wrote that the sale was declared invalid the following year.
It was later attempted to develop the site, but it was only briefly used as a playground due to opposition from the local people.
A study of the corpses from the crossbones found that 1/3 people were perinatal (
Pregnancy between 22 weeks and 7 days after birth)
11% people are under one year old.
Most of these adults are women aged 36 and older who suffer from diseases such as smallpox, tuberculosis, Paget, arthritis and vitamin D deficiency.
Onava Mexican cemetery credit: Wikipedia: until recently, about 13 "alien" skulls considered to have a history of 1000 were found in a cemetery near Onava, Mexico.
Five of them also have dental cuts, which were common before
Hispanic groups from southern Sinaloa and northern naarit.
Jewelry is also available on the skull, including shell necklaces, nose rings and bracelets.
The director of the program at Arizona State University said: "With this discovery, the influence of the Central American people is further expanded: more than the archaeology recorded in previous archaeological discoveries. " (
National Institute of Anthropology and History).
La Chiesa mormorti Credit: Flickr PaoloJourney travels to Urbania, central Italy, and enters the Baroque doorway of the Church of the dead to discover the mummy cemetery.
Since the bodies of these people were excavated in 1833, 18 mummies have been found.
These natural mummies stand in glass cases and become like this because the mold consumes water from the body.
An order established before 400, the Brotherhood of good death, is responsible for these mummies.
However, you can go on a trip and get to know the mummies and find out who was murdered and which one has Down syndrome.
St. Louis Cemetery credit: Wikipedia New Orleans is located below sea level, so the water level is very high.
This creates a problem for those who wish to bury the dead, because rising water can cause the coffin to float in saturated soil, or jump out of the ground whenever it rains.
The flood caused the coffin to float on the street and even get stuck in a tree.
In order to solve this problem, underground caves and tombs were established on the ground. At St.
1. you can visit the tomb of Ernest N.
The first African-American "Dutch"
The American mayor of New Orleans, or Mary Lavo, the famous voodoo queen. At St.
Louis 2 is the remains of a private, pirate, and soldier, Dominique YoY.
Happy cemetery credit: wiki cemetery. . . . well merry.
It is not as gloomy, gloomy, or depressing as most cemeteries do, but rather celebrates life and death.
This is because of the influence of ancient Dasia culture, they think death is the beginning of a happy new life.
The colorful blue painted grave also presents poems and stories about the deceased, as well as pictures and evidence of the deceased's hobbies and interests.
This is a weird but wonderful place.
Example of the tomb: under this heavy cross, my poor mother
She will be alive in three days, she will lie and she will read (this cross).
You, the one who passed here, don't wake her up. If she comes home, please try 'and he will criticize me more.
But I will do well and she will not come back from hell.
Stay here, my dear mother. law!
Sagada "hanging coffin" credit: On Wikipedia north of Manilla, Philippines, you can find the town of Banaue, where the local custom is for the elderly to make their own coffins before they die.
The coffin containing the body will then be placed in the cave or sitting on a natural rock projection on the surface of the cliff.
The idea behind the "hanging coffin" is to protect the dead from being taken away by animals.
PragueCredit Old Jewish Cemetery: one of the oldest preserved headstones in the old Jewish cemetery of Wikipedia, dating back to 1439.
I do not know how many dead people are buried here, because there are several tombs here;
However, about 12,000 tombstone can be seen.
Tombstone and grave cannot be removed under Jewish religious law, but there is no more land available and more space is needed.
This leads to a tomb of 12 layers, one on the other in some places.
This cemetery has also attracted the interest of eccentric conspiracy theorists who consider it to be a secret place for Elders of Zion, as outlined in anti-Semitic scams, the agreement of Zion's learned meeting of elders describes the Jewish plan to rule the world.
Unfortunately, in the past, people like Henry Ford and Adolph Hitler thought such documents were valid and the result was disastrous for Jews.
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