sourcing products to make money on amazon - gold pendant and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-27
sourcing products to make money on amazon  -  gold pendant and earring set
Why Amazon?
Getting traffic is the biggest problem for most small businesses.
If no one notices you, it doesn't matter to have excellent products and enthusiastic customer service.
Stores need customers whether online or on the street.
According to Statista.
In the fourth quarter of 2015, Amazon had 0. 304 billion active customer accounts.
0. 186 billion unique visitors visit its products every month.
It sold $107 billion in 2015.
Since 2004, the company's sales have grown exponentially.
All in all, Amazon is a big boy.
Don't hate it because it's big.
Benefit from its quality.
For hundreds of millions of people, Amazon is the first choice for buying things.
In North America, one out of every three deals happens on Amazon.
What should I sell?
Do you have products that you really believe in?
Will putting them in the hands of strangers make you happier with them?
Will they all thank you?
Forget this.
Let's do this to make money and put all the emotional issues aside.
What should you sell?
What many people want is profitable.
The following are the top five product categories in Jingdong: Don't swim upstream.
Pick something from the previous five categories, but find something belowrepresented.
Where should I purchase my products?
Should you visit a possible supplier, visit the factory, talk to the manager and shake hands on the transaction? No way.
It will take up too much time and money for you.
Unless you're an industry expert, you won't know what you're looking for anyway.
What you need is a high quality product from a reliable supplier at a high price.
The same is true of what millions of people are already doing: buying Alibaba. com.
Alibaba is wholesale in Asia and Amazon is retail in North America.
Several metrics will help you choose a trusted business partner: the "trade assurance" badge is Alibaba's guarantee and you will get the fees you pay and you can return the item if you don't.
The Gold Supplier medal indicates how many years the seller has been a proven quality retailer.
The "transaction level" measures sales per seller.
The Transactions of the past six months have been clearly shown in dollars.
Once you find the product you want to sell, you can choose from whom to buy it.
Choose a supplier with a multi-year gold supplier and a high level of trade assurance badge.
Click the contact supplier button.
You should get a quick response.
Just like any business communication, if you don't experience a clear and easy interaction, choose another partner according to your intuition.
You are buying in bulk, but you should not spend more than a few hundred dollars in order to start enough inventory.
But don't spend money until your online store is in place.
Once you have selected products and suppliers, success is not as easy as falling off the bed.
How to win in an Amazon Game is a long story for another article, but here are some basics.
You need a business name and a logo.
Not every Amazon retailer has this.
It will make you different and trustworthy.
The idea of branding your product starts as a way for manufacturers to put an approval stamp on their goods.
It must be good because there is your name on it.
Provide your logo to the supplier.
They should be able to leave your mark on your new product.
You didn't build it, but it looks like you did build it.
The crispy product page with a sharp and professional page is huge.
Again, not every retailer takes the time.
You need a large image of at least 1500 pixels square.
Give Amazon multiple good photos and they will let users
Friendly, scalable interface.
Think about Apple when designing your look.
The brand is known for its exquisite and minimalist look, from products to advertising to shops.
Follow up is important once you start selling, feedback and comments are essential.
You need a lot of positive reviews.
Amazon protects its customers.
They believe Amazon has great products and retailers.
Sellers are replaceable.
If you don't seem to make people happy, you get an axe.
Most people only make noise when they encounter problems, so it's easy to get bad reviews and it's hard to get good ones.
You need to ask in order to get a good evaluation.
However, don't ask for five stars until you win five stars.
Make a friend first.
Email your customers when the product is shipped to get them excited about it.
When the goods arrive, email again to confirm that the goods are accurate.
Contact them a few days later to see if it works properly and make them happy.
Then they will be happy to give a good review when you ask for a comment.
You can do it yourself when you are very young.
Hope your volume will be too big soon to keep up. Don’t worry.
There are a few good services that automate your follow-up work without sounding like a robot.
Making a big profit on Amazon is a big topic, but deciding to sell there is simple. It’s huge.
Convenient transportation.
It wants you to succeed, so prove that you have a good product and Amazon will help you sell it.
Do your research, make a plan, and then do it.
You can create a solid business machine with little contact.
Don't feel emotional about your product.
They are all widgets and sprocket.
Do it for money.
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